Bandung – Directorate of Investigation and Criminal General of West Java Police along with Satreskrim Sukabumi Police, arrested four people allegedly killed an online taxi driver in Sukabumi, Mulud (63), a resident of Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta. A car used by victims to earn a living is also secured in the disclosure.

The victim’s body was found in Kampung Cikelat, Cisolok District, Sukabumi Regency, West Java, Monday, December 25, 2017, at around 11:00 pm. said one of the suspects, YAS, a resident of Bojonggede, Bogor Regency, was arrested at Kampung Rambutan Terminal on Sunday 31 December at around 1:45 pm.

“His role as an online taxi subscriber on behalf of VN, the main suspect,” said Agung, Sunday (31/12/2017).

VN’s own arrest was based on information from three previously arrested suspects, hours after the victim’s findings. All three are IS (32), RM (30), and UH residents Kecamatan Parungkuda.

“IS acts as a receiver of RM’s vehicles, which receives the victim’s car from the main actors, while UH serves as IS and RM’s brokers,” said Criminal Investigation Director General Kombes Umar Surya Fana in a separate statement.

Police secured evidence of Datsun Go car with police number B 1217 ZFX. The victim’s car, according to what is recorded in the online taxi company where the victim works.


Ilustrasi Mayat
Illustration of the Bodies
Illustration of the Bodies (Special)
In addition to four suspects who have been arrested, West Java Police is still pursuing other suspects involved in the murder of Mulud. Police claimed to have pocketed two identities of the suspects involved.

Mulud’s body was found in a rotting condition in Kampung Cikelat, Cisolok District, Sukabumi District, Sunday, December 25th. Previously, the online taxi driver was declared missing about 11 days.

Autopsy results, police found blunt blow wound on the head of the victim’s back. The wound is allegedly causing the death of the victim.