Bandung – Rudi alias Embeng (27) was arrested by police after his escape after killing the life of bus driver online Rohmat Sarjono (42). Embeng is the main protagonist of Rohmat.

Embeng arrested Satkerkrim Polrestabes Bandung ranks led by Kasatreskrim AKBP M Yoris Maulana on Monday (1/1/2018) in the area of ​​Jalan Titimplik, Bandung. Because of the fight, the police were forced to punch hot lead to Embeng’s left leg.

Embeng himself admits his actions have stabbed Rohmat. “I spontaneously wrote that time, it’s more emotion, too,” said Embeng in Mapolrestabes Bandung, Jalan Java, Bandung, West Java, Tuesday (2/1/2017).

Embeng denied when called deliberately stabbing Rohmat. The knife used by Embeng is already often brought.

“Because I’m a builder, so like to bring a knife to cut into pieces,” he said.

According to Embeng, the bloody incident is so fast. Embeng and three colleagues AL, AS and IS admitted emotion because the victim did not want to stop after being asked to stop by the fourth.

“I just rehearsed that time it was already noisy, I was also half-conscious because it was finished drinking,” he said.

After doing stabbing, Embeng parted with three colleagues. Using buses, Embeng blurred up to Ngawi, East Java.

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For three days he stayed at the relatives’ residence in Ngawi. Suddenly, the wife who was in Bandung called Embeng to tell the condition of his youngest son.

“My son is sick, so I went back to Bandung to take courage,” he said.

Although with a secret, the existence of the father of two children was finally terendus police. Until finally, Embeng knees in front of the police who make the arrest.

Embeng is now back again with his colleagues. However, now the four are gathered on the floor bui Mapolrestabes Bandung. They were charged under Article 170 of the Criminal Code with threats over 5 years of jail.

Source Dony Indra Ramadhan – detikNews