JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Lately, people have been amazed by the attitude of an online taxi driver named Watoni. Because he was determined to curse, run over his feet to spit in the face of a member of the Ditlantas Metro Jaya Police Brigadier Hermansyah Sitorus on April 5.

This story begins when Hermansyah carried out her duties around the Brass flyover to regulate traffic. At that time, there was a motorcade of President Joko Widodo’s passing.

Suddenly the driver of the Suzuki Ertiga with police number B 2016 KKE intentionally crossed the area. In fact, when it was applied evenly odd rules for motorists in the Kuningan area.

Seeing a violation, Hermansyah stopped the car driven by Watoni. Hermansyah told Watoni’s mistake then asked for a SIM and STNK.

When he was given a number letter, Hermansyah heard that Watoni had spoken harsh words. However, Hermansyah ignored the driver. At that time, Hermansyah walked back leaving Watoni who still looked upset.

Suddenly, when Hermansyah walked about 2 meters, Watoni backed up his car to run over Hermansyah’s feet. In fact, the car tire stopped right at the foot of the traffic police.

Hermansyah who was in pain asked Watoni to move his car by banging on the back door. “But he ignored it while looking in the rearview mirror. There were about two minutes that the car sat on my feet,” Hermansyah said some time ago.

Fellow Hermansyah who saw the incident then came and asked Watoni to move the car. Had a quarrel between Hermansyah and Watoni. Hermansyah is not happy with Watoni’s treatment.

Meanwhile, Watoni said, the car was backing itself because of the automatic operation of the car. Instead of apologizing, Watoni who was still in the car instead spat in Hermansyah’s face while returning harsh words. Watoni then left the location.

Hermansyah reported the incident that happened to his boss. His boss advised him to make a police report officially. Finally the Reamob Ditreskrimum investigator from the Metro Jaya Regional Police was appointed to handle this case. Apologize After several days of hunting, the police finally arrested Watoni on April 11, 2018 in the Ciracas area, East Jakarta.

The day before the arrest, Watoni and Hermansyah were met. “We met on Tuesday night when I was added to the BAP. It turned out that he (Watoni) was also being BAP,” Hermansyah said when contacted by Kompas.com, Thursday (04/12/2018).

When meeting, the two engaged in a long conversation. Watoni said that he regretted his actions while crying. “He cried and apologized to me, even asking me to revoke my report,” he said.

To Hermansyah, Watoni admitted that he did not intentionally take this unpleasant action to Hermansyah.

He claimed at the same time as the incident was feeling upset with his customers so that his emotions peaked when his car was about to be ticketed by Hermansyah.

Nevertheless, Watoni’s regret has no meaning. He still has to undergo the legal process that applies.

Head of Public Relations of the Metro Jaya Regional Police Kombes Argo Yuwono said, for his actions Watoni would be charged with Article 351 of the Criminal Code and Article 353 7 of the Criminal Code concerning persecution as well as Article 212 of the Criminal Code concerning acts of violence against officers with a maximum sentence of 2 years 8 months in prison.


source https://megapolitan.kompas.com/read/2018/04/15/08185871/akhir-cerita-pengemudi-taksi-online-yang-maki-ludahi-lalu-lindas-kaki