Frasindo has a variety of interesting features. One of them is “Car Coin” where you can get it as a regular user of Fras Coin. You can go on holiday to the attractions you want for free with Car Coin. One of the interesting places to visit you is the “Dunia Fantasi” or we often call it “Dufan”.

Dunia Fantasi or commonly referred to as Dufan is a tourist place located in the area of ​​Ancol Dreamland Park, in an area of ​​approximately 9.5 hectares. This tourist attraction was developed with the concept of an amusement park, with the monkey’s mascot, which was inaugurated on 29 August 1985. In the area of ​​Dufan tourist attraction, there are various rides to play with high tech touch, both for children and adults. Some of the rides of the game even really spurred adrenaline, thus making the participants screamed in fear. Dufan is the first and largest theme park in Indonesia, and has been awarded ISO 9001: 2008 since 2009.

In addition to being a means of entertainment, Dufan’s development concept is also to evoke imagination and fantasy of visitors, so as to be traveling around the world. Therefore, this tourism zone is divided into several areas, including Jakarta Area, Kalila Region, Indonesian Region, European Region, “Fantasi Hikayat”Area, “Fantasi Yunani” Area, American Area, Palace Area, and Asian Region. Equipped with a variety of play rides that are very spectacular, entertaining, imaginative, fantastic, and adrenaline rush that makes your heart pounding. Highly designed game parks, making everything in the Dufan area amazing. Here are some of the most popular new games in Fantasy World.

  1. Ice Age Arctic Adventure

Ice Age Arctic Adventure is a new vehicle developed in collaboration with 20th Century Fox Consumer Product America and 3DBA Europe. In this vehicle visitors can meet directly with the figures in the Ice Age movie production of 20th Century Fox, such as Sid, Diego, Manny, and Scrat. In addition, can also see the process of melting ice in the north pole as told in the film 4 series.

  1. Treasureland Temple of Fire

Treasureland Temple of Fire is a show vehicle that can create an atmosphere for visitors to make the fantasy as if to be an archaeologist who must save the treasure trove of Inca Maya in Temple of Fire. Visitors will be brought into an adventure to save the treasures equipped with advanced technology and various special effects, such as gunfire, explosions, fire, water and giant stone balls. The performance hall has a population capacity of up to 1,200 people.

  1. Lightning

Halilintar is one of the favorite rides in Dufan that can extreme adrenaline rush. You can feel the glide sensation with a 360 ° loop and the up and down trajectory is quite sharp and cornering. Capacity up to 24 people, Halilintar rides will make you shout hysterically while pounding as though the heart will be loose. It is very suitable for travelers who like challenges.