There are many things to do with CAR Coin.

One of them is a trip to the tourist attractions in Jakarta. Many tourist attractions you can visit with CAR COIN in Jakarta, one of them is Taman Mini Indonesia Indah or we usually call it “TMII”. As the name is, “Taman Mini” is a miniature of Indonesia.

“Taman Mini” is located in eastern Jakarta area built on an area of ​​1.5 km ² or about 150 hectares, with a very wide area of ​​this park, there are a variety of rides that somewhat cultural diversity of the nation of Indonesia so that all communities can be more familiar with what culture is owned by the nation of Indonesia. For those who are looking for a place of recreation with family or relatives then this attraction can be the right choice because you will have many different experiences of the rides that are offered.

  1. Ride The Bicycle

In addition to healthy, cycling around TMII certainly exciting. You can also burn your calories by ride a bicycle, we can also travel by stopp ing by the pavilion, park, or museum there. Do not have a bike or lazy to bring your own bike? in TMII bicycle rental is available, ranging from a Single bikes, “Tandem” bikes and electric bikes, stay selected as needed. The rental price starts from Rp 20,000 for 1 hour (price in 2018).

  1. Hanging Train and Aeromovel

Riding a cable car can be considered an activity that must be done if the TMII. When else can feel the sensation of the Indonesian archipelago cluster from altitude?. To ride a cable car, have to pay Rp 40,000 for 1 person (price in 2018). The TMII cable car has three stations: A, B, and C with the path of Station A – Station B and Station B – Station C or vice versa. Station A is located in the Art and Craft Village area, Station B is opposite the Pavilion of Papua and close to Bird Park, while Station C is to the north of the north parking lot (near snowbay).

  1. Watch Movies in Keong Mas

In TMII there are 3 theater performances namely “Keong Mas” theater, my homeland theater, and 4D theater. But the mascot of TMII is “Keong Mas”, it is a building shape like a giant conch a golden yellow. Formerly cinematographic technology has not been as sophisticated now, but Indonesia already has a playground and special movie show sophisticated theater snail mas this.

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