From the Previously Good comments we wrote, become the very worst consider the damage resulted to us; we had to edit and tell the truth about his action in making the Frasindo Company loses more than Rp.30,000,000,- with never finish project he handled since 22December2018, and the funds are never returned to the company

Previously Comments from us=

He is a trusted friend, an IT-code auditor. With awesome IT skills, he leads the IT developer team at, double checks all projects, finding out problems, maintain server, and regularly provide best advice and solutions to the team, in his expertise in coding.

His nature of the character in listening and doing, is compatible with every other team in the frasindo company, able to work under pressure, and target. He already created a framework that will made easy to design UI User Interface, and it is speeding up the layouting process of any website we plan.

Blockchain is the new area he interested to learn, by accepting frasindo projects, he got the chance to not only increase his knowledge on many blockchains platform type, bitcoin, coins and tokens; in the future he also could become the part of Frasindo Core, and own shares of the projects.


We found this Video too, please watch = , These are police testimonial regarding Erik Sugih Hartono, therefor we want to cooperate with other potentially victim to seek justice

These are his ID CARD (KTP) 3275062810812011


We have projects and need 3th party contractor, then our friend Bamantyo Yesha advice he have friends in ERP Hashmicro, that may can handle the project.

We were contacted by Mr.Erik on 19th December 2018, due to our Inquiry to his company HashMicro,Pte,Ltd in indonesia. and we were invited to have meeting inside the office at The Mansion (Currently the office already move to new venue)

Inside the Meeting Room of Office, we were discussing our inquiries for several projects in which upcoming and

Then he take both project with the total cost of Rp.30,000,000 for (eventually he giveup and refund this project, and we gave it to another IT-contractor)

also project with total cost Rp.60,000,000 (He handle the Warnamu)

and we paid 50% of is as the 1st payment for motivation and our seriousness also as a sign the project to start producing, meanwhile the rest is after the project finish. He then take the project for himself and said he have a lot of IT-team, and we also advised to considering the cost differences if the project handled by his company. We were successfully persuaded.


At first we feel happy of the cost saving, but time goes by, there is no update from him for 2months, he tend to delay time and avoid being in conversation with us for days; when we force contacted him, he try to borrow money from us and also asking for another 50% of the funds in advance; we refuse, then the next day suddenly he seems disappear and very hard to contact, thenwhen finding the company, its already moving to another office, in which we must do a detective works investigating.

We are nervous and start contacting Bramantyo Yesha to mediation us VS Erik, and we found Erik in bad shape do to he is running away from  other person, in which he said he has been reported to police and under litigation for the crime he didn’t do. Giving chance he is a good person, we gave him time to finish up our project and may receive more funds, but then in few days he disappear again.

We were furious, and the company being questioned by investors due to no progress result. We had to find his office and his home, and we found him. When forced to present the project to see, he send us a Fake Link for us to download. Then he said we already receive the result. We were shocked by his actions.  He said we already receive the work and the money now nonreturnable, its a trap. It was not what we bought, and what delivered to us was fake.  Since December2017 we feel we have been played by him,  and to this date, he has been disappearing countless times. We have try many times to persuade him to settle the agreement at the Police Office and he refuse to appear.

Now we know what other victims feel, since we are facing same results.

Now we are reaching company to seek mediation and advice, however seems the HashMicro company dont have Reporting Mechanism in their company to prevent such things of hijacking, in which from what we know it is have ethical issue.

Even Former of HRD of Hashmicro said even 1 of this is wrong, and he may do all of it=

  1. Receiving project inside HashMicro office
  2. Same project as what could be handled by the company
  3. The project that are supposed to be handled by the Hashmicro, somehow secretly become his personal project
  4. Double job
  5. Deliberately making us harder to make report and cant asking to the company elites directly
  6. Litigation process


We had to reach his Employer HashMicro Pte Ltd. which is Mr. Ricky Halim and Miss Luciana Lu for advice and find ways to proceed with this project, finding solutions meanwhile the Litigation is underway; however we found no good intention from the company it self to do the corporate social responsibility and mediate between parties (They dont care, and all they do was censoring any issue/problem & deleting all bad reviews from their customers).

This article are meant to report to the mass, be very careful and due diligence before delegating anyone with any company project, the person may took away the money and run, this what happen to us, be careful


This article will be updated for more information.

if you seek Erik, please watch this video contributed by another person, there might be some information you need, We found this Video, please watch =

there is his addresses there, meanwhile we know his phone number, but if we share, he might disappears again .. Lets hope the INDONESIAN LAW could settle this problem