PALEMBANG, SRIPO – PT Gojek Indonesia (GI) Palembang branch has cut insetive money or bonuses for Gocar Online Taxi Drivers, starting from October 7, 2019. As a result of this policy, most drivers in Palembang are forced to rush to sell or take over their four-wheeled vehicles because they are no longer able to pay monthly installments.

The scheme (calculation) to get the latest incentives issued by the Palembang GI branch is 4 points = Rp. 17 thousand, 7 points = Rp. 35 thousand, 11 points = Rp. 60-65 thousand, 13 points = Rp. 85-95 thousand, 15 points = 110-120 thousand rupiahs and 18 points = 150 thousand rupiahs.

The scheme dropped dramatically to 50 percent from before. Where for the old scheme 4 points = Rp. 17 thousand, 7 points = Rp. 65 thousand, 11 points = Rp. 95 thousand, 13 points = Rp. 150 thousand, 15 points = Rp. 220 thousand and 18 points = Rp. 290 thousand.

The amount of the incentive varies each day depending on the applicable rules issued by PT GI. But for the new scheme, the calculation dropped dramatically to 50 percent from before.

With bonuses that are much decreased, making the drivers admit having difficulty in paying car installments. If previously the online drivers were able to earn Rp. 500 thousand per day, now the online driver’s income ranges from Rp. 250-300 thousand if the order broke through the highest scheme 18 times trips.

Iwan, an online driver in Palembang, admitted that he usually saves Rp 150 thousand per day a day. He saved the money to pay the car installments which must be paid Rp 4 million every month.

With the new scheme, he has difficulty in saving with this amount. Because incentive money and cash from passengers are used up to meet their daily needs and refuel.

“The plan is to take over the car, because it is no longer able to pay for it. Since the incentive dropped 50 percent, the income dropped dramatically,” he said, Sunday (10/20).

Madon, another online driver, said he and his fellow drivers refused incentives. He asked PT GI to re-normalize the incentives. With the current amount of income, he claimed that kitchen smoke might not come out because of very minimal income.

“It is difficult to penetrate 18 points. Now, this incentive is deducted. Many colleagues are forced to sell their cars because they cannot afford to pay more installments,” he explained.

Chairman of the Sumatran Online Driver Organization (Odol), Sandy Aditya revealed the problem of cutting incentives up to 50% of Gojek Indonesia is very burdensome for the driver’s partners.

According to him, the old incentives are difficult to reached, especially at the present time where the public interest in using online taxis is also declining.

” For gasoline alone, how much is it in order to reach 18 trips. Not yet for car maintenance, installments and family income. This underlies the concern of drivers, “he said.

According to him, PT Gojek Indonesia in determining tariffs also considers several social needs of drivers, such as the government in setting UMR / UMK which always considers the Need for Living (KHL) for workers.

With the incentive condition dropping drastically, he admitted that almost 40 percent of drivers were forced to sell their cars because they were unable to pay monthly installments.

“Should determine the incentives first, see if they are not nominal enough now. Many drivers selling cars mean that the numbers are far from enough,” he said.

Incentives are not rights but bonuses

Teuku Parvinanda Hendriawan, head of regional corporate affairs at PT Sumatra, explained that the incentives received by gojek partners are bonuses given to partners.

The bonus is additional money given by PT GI to partners, adding driver income from passenger fees instead of fixed salary, so that at any time can change depending on policy.

“So the incentive given is a bonus determined by PT Gojek to its partners,” he said, Sunday (10/20).

He explained, the reduction in incentives applies nationally, but the size varies depending on market conditions in each region. This incentive assessment is directly assessed by PT Gojek Indonesia Pusat.

“All of Indonesia has incentives cut. But the size varies, depending on the market conditions of each region,” Teuku explained.

In addition, regarding the Rp 2,000 discount to consumers, it is used for passenger insurance if anything happens and wants to sue an insurance to their party.

“In the future we will also cooperate with Jasa Harja in order to provide comfort to the passengers,” he said.

Chairman of the South Sumatra Online Driver Association (ADO), Ahmad Arvin said that by cutting incentives by 50 percent, it would reduce partners’ rights. Therefore, his party held a demonstration to PT Gojek Indonesia Palembang Branch to raise incentives for drivers again.

According to him, the applicator is never transparent by involving drivers when it comes to reducing the value of incentives. In fact, as partners the drivers must at least know the obvious reasons and do not immediately reduce the bonus.

“If there is a new policy, we should be informed first, do not suddenly reduce the incentive, “he stressed.

If demands for returning incentives are not met, Arvin threatens to bring these incentive issues to the executive and legislative branches.

“If our demands are not granted, we will report to the executive and legislative branch asking that PT GI Palembang be closed,” he said. (team)

The new Gocar incentive scheme
4 points = 17 thousand rupiah
7 points = 35 thousand rupiah
11 points = 60-65 thousand rupiah
13 points = 85-95 Thousand rupiah
15 points = 110-120 thousand rupiah
18 points = 150 thousand rupiah

Old Gocar incentive scheme
4 points = 17 thousand rupiah
7 points = 65 thousand rupiah
11 points = 95 thousand rupiah
13 points = 150 thousand rupiah
15 points = 220 thousand rupiah
18 points = 290 thousand rupiah