The figure of a man born in Jakarta 1994, he is a figure of lovers of jeans and playing big motor.he served as an administrative in PT. Frasindo Lima Mandiri, his vision and mission is to promote frasindo better known by the public in indonesia as well as abroad and one goal he work in frasindo is want to happy both parents and his girlfriend, he is talented in the field of communication.


We had to fired fais because of non-credible in doing his job, he let and left many incident in the frasindo, none of the drivers on his responsibility are paying to the company.  Fais do not perform his job as and administrator, and let all drivers have huge debt to the company, he also let the car being stolen without care to informing the higher authority, also he let 1 car in broken for 3weeks, end up we had to recover the stolen car ourself, making the CEO and CMO had to handle situation, and unluckily the car drove by CEO + CMO and Fais that day are in accident. The accident is purely other cars fault.

The accident happened was caused by other car suddenly drifting in highway, and ram-ing the CEO car, that car bring/drag the CEO car from lane 3 at the right to lane 1 at the very left, end up another chain reaction, which is our car was hit by container truck in high speed, luckily miracle still help us, even thou CMO-Vita almost died.. (the car hit hard by container truck and throw-ed to the right to the 2nd lane the left front tire is in ruin, those left tire is what saving CMO-Vita life, maybe another inch and it would be a disaster)

We still perform our duty that day, while the car is brought by car-taxi to the garage for insurance

(Please see the CRIME “REZA G” data)

we found the car that being stolen via GPS, the car been stranded.. CEO found the key are hidden between Tire to front right fender (inside the front bumper)

we are so sad in seeing the car 🙁 CEO want to angry, but that day CMO against that, its her 2nd life day.. we had to feel gratitude still given life in this recent accident

So CEO gave money to Fais to handle the tire pumping/replace tire for next day fixing the car onsite..

after few days meaningless, no report, we had to push, why he didnt recover+coordinate technician to fix+recover the car?

he said his body is not well and he dont want to go back to transmart cikokol, and return the car key to CEO, he didnt even try hard to reach the technician we tell him to.. when asked to return the money CEO once gave him,, the money was all usedup, and left only a little..

after seeing all the accounting report full of drivers in debt, so we had no choice.. we had to let him go and find replacement..

we still pay him, but it is his last.


(SUMMARY, he make A LOT of incident, and the chain events caused by him almost killed CMO, we are not only lost 1car, now because of him we lost 2cars+1car, all in repair in workshop, he also lost the parking ticket caused us to pay fines, and the e-money card with money in it which used to recover the car)


(READ about REZA G )