TRIBUNPADANG.COM, PADANG – Being an online transport driver in the city of Padang is a profession that is promising. Even in a day, the driver can bring home cash up to Rp500 thousand, depending on how many points earned.

However, poor service provided by drivers to passengers, certainly at risk of termination of cooperation between the driver online with the provider of online transport applications.

To be able to become a partner of the provider of online-based transport applications, various ways were done. One of them, by faking identity such as ID cards and SKCK issued by the police.

Monday (12/2108) and then, police officers Padang Selatan Police, managed to uncover the practice of falsification of identity for the driver online, and led the perpetrators who dilakuman pengubahuan to Mapolsek Padang Selatan.

Kapolsek Padang Selatan Kompol Alwi Haskar said, now the perpetrator who falsified the online driver document named Hendri Agustian (48) it has been arrested, and the case is still in the process of investigation.

The perpetrator is the owner of the tental computer.

“So far, only one of the perpetrators has been arrested, and it is possible that the person who ordered the perpetrators to falsify the document was made a suspect,” explained Alwi Haskar, Friday (16/2/2018) afternoon.

Disclosure of this case, explains Alwi, originated from the information society that there are owners of computing rental Mahesa on Jalan Ganting, East Padang do forgery documents.

Then the information was acted upon.

After sufficient evidence, the officer then arrested the perpetrator in the place of his computer rental business. When arrested, the perpetrator was busy faking a number of documents in the form of SKCK and KTP.

“In addition to arresting the perpetrators, the officers also secured a number of evidences in the form of ID cards and SKCK that have been falsified, including a set of computers, flashdish, and scanning tools used by perpetrators to falsify online driver documents,” he said.

To the investigator, Alwi also provides that the perpetrator acknowledges his actions. The perpetrator also said that the forged document was an order for a prospective online driver Go Car.

For one document, the perpetrator was paid Rp140 thousand.

“The perpetrator also admitted that there have been five falsified documents, even two of the forged document owners have been officially registered as Go Car drivers because the perpetrators were charged under Article 263 of the Criminal Code Verse 1 with the threat of 6 years in prison,” beber Alwi.

Meanwhile, to, the perpetrator Hendri admitted that the action was done not because of his own initiative, but there are applicants who come to the rental and ask for help to mendalaukan document.

Initially, Hendri had metolak, but the applicant still forced the reason for help. To wage a package of documents in the form of SKCK and fake IDs, Hendri also admitted that he never determines what value.

“Only the applicant who gave Rp140 thousand This forgery has been done since December 2017 and I did not realize it could end like this.I’m sorry,” said Hendri.