JawaPos.com – Economic Criminal Unit (Pidek) Surabaya Polrestabes dismantled the crime of online taxi electronic information, Monday (2/4). 9 people suspect. They were arrested for manipulating GrabCar orders. They seemed to be carrying passengers, even though they were not.

The nine suspects are the brains of crime. They are NA, 24, resident of Ketintang, UT, 20, resident of Jagir Sidomukti, OP, 31, resident of Sidosermo, LL, 28, resident of Taman Mayangkara, DA, 25, a resident of The Gayungsari, NO, 25, resident Wiyung, YR, 25 , residents of Cipta Menanggal Tengah, ITY, 45, Brawijaya residents, and RDK, 21, residents of Raya Panjunan Sukodono, Sidoarjo.

Kapolrestabes Surabaya Commissioner Pol Rudi Setiawan said, the case was revealed from the GRAB Operational Manager Kerto’s report. He reported a suspicious shuttle activity.

The police responded. Member Pardon immediately traced the identity and arrested the suspicious drivers. Not only arrested the suspects, the police also seized approximately 309 cellphones and 4 cars.

The mode, the suspect registered as a driver makes a fictional passenger order. Then, the order is received by the driver himself. So, it is as if the driver is active in picking up passengers as usual.

The suspect chased points. If you succeed in collecting 16 points in a day, then the bonus of IDR 300 thousand is obtained. “We are calculating the losses suffered by the online applicator,” Rudi told reporters at the Surabaya Polrestabes office on Monday (2/4).

Not only tweaking the application. The suspects are indeed interrelated. They belong to one group. So that the action of throwing orders is not too suspicious. “They also deposited to the applicator in accordance with the rules. So, the applicator was not suspicious and sent the bonus to the suspects,” said Rudi.

Not only Unit Pidek. The police also revealed the same crime. The Surabaya Polrestabes Resmob Team arrested 7 suspects.

They are BS, 36, residents of Surabaya, GC, 27, residents of Surabaya, RF, 26, residents of Sidoarjo, LM, 26, residents of Sidoarjo, RR, 26, residents of Surabaya, RN, 30, residents of Surabaya, and RJ, 30 residents of Surabaya . The mode is the same. They have 4 to 10 accounts.

The suspects who were also Grab drivers bought a fictitious account worth Rp. 100,000 to Rp. 500,000. They also belong to one group. It’s called, Setel Kendo.

Meanwhile, NA claimed to be able to pocket a bonus of Rp. 300 thousand per day. Within a week, he made up to Rp. 5 million. “I just walked for two weeks. I have only two accounts,” I NA.

Different, RN claimed that they had been cheating for a month. He made a profit of up to Rp. 18 million.


sourceĀ https://www.jawapos.com/metro/metropolis/03/04/2018/order-taksi-online-palsu-modus-seolah-mengantar-penumpang