JawaPos.com – One of the robberies accompanied by the murder of an online taxi driver at Pelambang surrendered to the police. The perpetrator named Frans came to the police station for fear of being shot dead.

Based on information obtained by JawaPos.com, Frans surrendered himself to Karang Dapo Sector Police, North Musirawas District (Muratara) with his family. Suspect, afraid to be shot dead.

When confirmed, Head of Sub Directorate III Jatanras Ditreskrimum of North Sumatra Regional Police, AKBP Yoga Bagaskara confirmed this.
He said Frans was handed over by his family to the Karang Dapo police station.

For the role, currently it is still developing it. “The perpetrators surrendered at 5:00 a.m. to the Karang Dapo police station,” he said when contacted on Thursday (11/15).

According to him, the perpetrator is still 16 years old. But he already had a wife who took the offender to the police station. “At present we are still pursuing two more actors who have not surrendered,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, South Sumatra Regional Police Chief Inspector General Zulkarnain Adinegara appealed for those who had not been arrested immediately to surrender themselves. If not, then of course it will be the same as the previous case was shot dead.

“Please just run away. We will continue to pursue it to the grave, “he said.

As is known, Sofyan, 43, is an online taxi driver who has been missing since Monday (29/10). The police managed to find the victim after arresting one of four perpetrators namely Ridwan, 45.

From the information, there were four actors involved in the robbery and murder of the online taxi driver.

Ridwan, who has the role of supervisor has been arrested.

Frans as an execution which is strangling the victim to death has now surrendered. While the two actors namely AK and AC are still DPOs. Both of these actors play a role in holding the victim’s hand not rebelling.