Palembang – An online taxi passenger in Palembang, South Sumatra, is suspected of being a victim of a robbery by a driver. In addition to valuables lost, the victim is known to be almost raped by the perpetrators.

“The alleged robbery incident happened last night. Victims rose from Lemabang Market going across Ulu,” said Chairman of the Palembang City Online Driver Association (ADO) when asked for confirmation via cellphone on Saturday (05/05/2018).

Arvin said, for the incident, the victim lost valuable items he carried, such as cellular phones and laptops. The victim was also sexually abused and almost became a victim of rape.

“The perpetrator was informed of more than one person, some were hiding in the back seat. According to the victim, the Avanza type of car was red and he had been groped, cleared and some items were taken,” continued Arvin

After the incident, the fourth semester student was immediately sent down by the perpetrators right in front of the South Sumatra Regional Police Headquarters. Furthermore, the victim was found by residents in a panic condition and crying hysterically.

The online taxi drivers who knew this immediately accompanied the victims to the Mapolresta Palembang to make a report. The report was received and they asked the police to thoroughly investigate this case.

“We deeply regret the consequences of this incident, but we will still find out together. Even last night we accompanied the victims while reporting to the Mapolresta Palembang and reports were received,” he said.

Separately, the Invisible Palembang Criminal Investigation Commissioner Kompol Yon Edi said that he had received the information. But he will still be sure of whether or not the incident was true because he had not had time to check the report that entered the Palembang Police.

“The information that I received was that there were passengers who were victims of robbery and harassment. But we are still investigating and I also do not know whether or not there are reports on the Police,” Yon said.