Bandung – After fugitives for a week, police finally arrested a raider of an ojek driver online on Monday, December 26, 2017 ago. Previously, the police had arrested three pengeroyok after the incident in the area of ​​Jalan Supratman, Bandung.

Kapolrestabes Bandung, Kombes Hendro Pandowo said the attacker named R alias Mbeng (27) had fled to Ngawi, East Java. Later, he returned to Bandung. The policeman who had been stalking his place used to catch him.

“Mbeng’s role helps his comrades do the beating, he goes back to Bandung to miss his family, so he’s back again,” he said.

Hendro said R had to fight when he was about to be arrested. For that, the police shot his leg. When the beatings took place, Mbeng helped his friends persecute a victim named Rohmat Sarjono (42).

Now, Mbeng along with three other actors with initials AS 34, S (34), and AD (34), were detained at Polrestabes Police Headquarters in Bandung to be held accountable for his actions.

“Our homework is complete, hopefully it will not happen again .. The problems on the road must happen, but finish with a cold head, do not scare the people of Bandung,” Hendro added.

Meanwhile, Mbeng admitted to visiting his sick child in Ngawi. He left the next day after the beating incident. “To Ngawi to your house, Tomorrow afternoon go to Ngawi because the child is sick,” said Mbeng.

Due to competing talks

Berawal Adu Mulut, 4 Tukang Parkir Keroyok Sopir Ojek Online

Beginning competing talks , 4 Parking Tailor Fight Driver Online Ojek
One of the parking drivers raider online motorcycle taxi drivers are still at large.
An online motorcycle driver named Rohmat Sarjono (42) became the victim of raids and stabbings by four parking attendants, Monday night, December 25, 2017, at around 21:45 pm. Now the victim is still being treated at Santo Yusuf Hospital, Bandung City.

Kapolrestabes Bandung Kombes Hendro Pandowo said, the motives of parking attendants gang victim because of irritated reproach ignored. He also confirmed, the incident is not a commotion between an online motorcycle taxi and a conventional motorcycle taxi.

“This is not the incident of an online and conventional motorcycle taxi raid, but it is a pure commotion, with the parker r. The motive of the perpetrator is upset with the victim, and the perpetrator had hit the victim’s head initially,” Hendro said at Polrestabes Headquarters in Bandung on Tuesday, December 26, 2017.

Hendro said, the three parking officers who successfully arrested, namely AS (34), S (34), and AD (34). Initially, they were suspected as witnesses. However, after collecting information and the location of the crime scene (crime scene), the police established all three as suspects.

“Initially, these three people we thought would be witnesses, because they were secured by the previous residents, then the investigation team did the crime scene 30 minutes after the incident, and finally the three actors we declared as the perpetrators,” Hendro said.

Fighter Driver Online Ojek Arrested When Return Home for Kangen
Fighter driver motorcycle taxi online in Bandung is a suspect who had a week fugly out of town. He came home because he missed. ( Prakasa)
The raiders of an online motorcycle taxi driver were charged with Article 170 of the Criminal Code with the threat of imprisonment above six years. One of the perpetrators, US, said, initially upset to the victim while arranging parking at a restaurant in Jalan Supratman, Bandung. The US then had to reprimand the victim.

“When I was parked the car out, the victim against the current, then I scolded the father was using the Sundanese language, ‘Father meuni embung eureun’ (you do not want to stop), then I hit her head wearing hands,” said the US.

Not received reprimanded and beaten his head, Rohmat returned to the United States and his friends. There was a shouting and a beating, until the victim was stabbed by the perpetrator at the victim’s left side.

“The victim came again to me while carrying a tool like iron, he said ‘was what to say to me’, then there was a beating,” he said.

After being arrested, the US apologized to the victim and his family. The three parking workers are now languishing in prison Polrestabes Headquarters Bandung to account for his actions.

“I apologize to the victim and the victim’s family, that I am mistaken.” To the members of the motorcycle taxi driver I also apologize, now I am accountable for my actions here (Polrestabes Headquarters Bandung), “said the US.

Source Aditya Prakasa