JawaPos.com – A fight between an official and online taxi driver in the area of ​​Sultan Hasanuddin Airport (Sulhas) Makassar, received special attention from the Governor of South Sulawesi (Sulsel) Nurdin Abdullah. Previous physical contact occurred, involving individual airport taxi drivers and online taxi drivers.

The fight was triggered by the problem of transporting passengers at the Sulhas Airport arrival terminal.

Nurdin stressed that he would conduct a large-scale evaluation so that the conflict between the airport’s passenger transportation services could be resolved.

“We will solve it. Basically we will sit together, so that it does not repeat itself,” said Nurdin after the 2019 Election Declaration, at the Losari beach platform, Makassar, Sunday (9/16).

The two regents of the former Bantaeng regency said that similar incidents should not be repeated. This issue will be a fundamental evaluation material. “We will finish it coolly. I don’t think there is any doubt about that,” explained Nurdin.

This discussion incident, previously occurred on Friday (9/14). Physical contact, involving an official taxi driver with an online taxi driver, ends at the Airport Police Station.

“Official taxi drivers, the only ones like taxi online. Victims who feel persecuted have reported, who report taxi drivers online,” said the Regional Airport Police Chief, Iptu Ahmad, to the media crew before.

Ahmad said, then the reporter and the reported party would be called for further examination. In addition, his party is still awaiting the results of the victim’s post mortem. Ahmad said that the fight between the drivers occurred in the passenger area.

“It has been reviewed, it has not been completed and we are still waiting. However, the initial info that we can get is that there is no persecution. We will call the Reported Party and the reporter for further investigation,” he concluded.