REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – Grab Indonesia is currently conducting trials on the application of fines for cancellation of bookings Grab either motorcycle taxis or online taxis. Regarding this, the Director of Road Transportation of the Ministry of Transportation, Ahmad Yani, said that this was not appropriate.

“That is called theft. We will see that first,” Yani said at the Ayana Hotel, Jakarta, Tuesday (6/18).

He explained that the Ministry of Transportation would ask more details about the application of the Grab policy. What’s more about how Grab collects the fine to online motorcycle taxi or taxi users.

Yani assessed that if the fine was applied it seemed possible if the driver made the cancellation. “If the driver still may be charged like that if it cancels, but if consumers are up to whatever they want,” Yani explained.

Meanwhile, Indonesian Grab Spokesman Tri Sukma Anreianno said that since June 17, 2019, Grab has implemented a trial of cancellation fees in Lampung and Palembang. This is according to Tri to provide the best services and experiences to all users.

“100 percent of the cancellation fee will be given to the driver’s partner for the time and effort towards the location of picking up passengers,” explained Tri.

Tri explained that if a booking cancellation occurs in less than five minutes, the passenger will not be charged cancellation fees. In addition, if the Grab driver arrives too long or does not move to the pickup location, the passenger will not be charged.

Once the Grab driver partner cancels the trip, Tri insists that the passenger will not be charged a fee. Meanwhile, a cancellation fee of one thousand rupiah for online motorcycle taxi and Rp. 3 thousand for online taxis will apply if the passenger cancels five minutes after getting the driver’s partner or does not appear when the driver’s partner arrives.

“The cancellation fee will be deducted from the OVO balance or added to the tariff for the next trip automatically,” Tri said.