Jakarta – Team Opsnal Unit II Sub Directorate of Jatanras Ditreskrimum Polda Metro Jaya arrested a group of thieves who perform the action in Menteng, Central Jakarta, within a very short time. One of the perpetrators, Haykal Perdana (39), was arrested an hour after the incident.

“The perpetrators of this Haykal are penis stolen mobile phone that sold the perpetrators Rere and Cecep, while Rere and Cecep are still our pursuit,” said Kanit II Sub Directorate Jatanras Ditreskrimum Polda Metro Jaya Kompol Ari Cahya Nugraha to detikcom, Thursday (14/12/2017).

Haykal was arrested at Bongkaran Bridge, Jl Sumenep, Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta, Thursday (14/12) at 09.00 am, after receiving victim’s cell phone from Rere and Cecep. The mugs that struck Intan Permata Sari (27) occurred in Menteng area, Central Jakarta, at 08.00 am, Thursday (14/12).

At that time, Intan was riding an ojek online to his office. He was suddenly squeezed by Rere and Cecep. Both took the victim’s bag by force.

Within seconds, the victim’s handbag changed hands to the perpetrator, who immediately step on the gas toward Monas. After the incident, the victim reported to Polda Metro Jaya.

Received the report, the police immediately conduct an investigation. At around 09.00, police arrested Haykal shortly after receiving victim’s cell phone from Rere and Cecep.

“Rere and Cecep managed to escape,” he said.

However, at the same time, the police arrested a man named alias Bald. Balding also often sell mobile phone to the suspect Haykal mugging. Haykal is a recidivist who has been arrested by Tanah Abang Police.

“According to the acknowledgment of the Bald suspect, he has often done mugging, his confession is hundreds of times, until no more,” continued Ari.

In this case, police seized 1 unit of iPhone 4, 1 unit of Samsung mobile phone, as well as purse and ID card of the perpetrator. Police also seized 1 unit of motor used by Rere and Cecep which was handed over to Haykal suspect.

“The motor is used for grabbing.When the perpetrator performs the action, the license plate is removed so that it is not identified by the victim or the citizen,” Ari said.

Meanwhile, Intan appreciates the police for speed and alertness in capturing the perpetrators. “Thanks to the police officer who was very quick to arrest the perpetrators, I was snatched at 08.00 am when I was leaving for work at 09.00 am I was informed that the perpetrator had been arrested,” said Intan.
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Source Mei Amelia R – detikNews