JAKARTA – Application-based taxis or online taxis are expected to further guarantee passenger safety. This is expected to be accommodated in the implementation of Minister of Transportation Regulation (Permenhub) number 108 of 2017.

Komnas Perempuan Commissioner Sri Nurherwati said the security aspect for passengers in public transportation equipment. Not just protection for women but also security aspects for users in general.

These include complaints service numbers, vehicle and driver identification numbers, and other formal identities. “In fact, it should be like there is already a train (commuterline) campaign to prevent sexual violence. It was aired, “he said in Jakarta.

Sri said, formally his party had not yet conducted discussions and coordination with the relevant regulator. “Only what we encourage at the government level is how to build a safe transportation mechanism for women,” he said.

So various aspects of security, both formal and accessories such as vehicle glass that are not too dark so that they can still be seen from the outside are an important part. “That was the urge to go there. “Don’t care about online taxis or regular taxis,” he continued.

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In principle, prevention. “The points are not doing violence to women. There is a complaint. There is prevention. I once got the news even the victims were children because the driver was exhibitionist, “he regretted.

Dark glass and no identity on the vehicle is still one of the problems in online taxis today. Instead regular taxis have met these requirements. Even so, said Sri, it must be balanced with prevention from the driver selection process.

In Permenhub 108 which actually applies February 1, 2018 and then postponed and was called to take effect as early as April 2018 it is indeed regulated regarding identity and other security aspects. However, until now the echo has not been heard and the implementation in the field has not really been implemented.

The Solidarity Women’s Activist, Donna Swita, said that whether women are safe or not in public transportation does not look at the location and type of vehicle. “It can happen anywhere. But the important thing is to regulate how the government provides safe transportation for women, “he said.

Government policy must provide protection to women in the public sphere. Included in the transportation service.

“The weakness is because Permenhub 108 does not simultaneously regulate online taxis in it. “Monitoring of regular taxis to protect women is also still weak,” he continued.

Donna hopes that the regulation will be balanced with the strong supervision by the government. “There are still many acts of crime and there are no strong steps,” he regretted.


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