Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – The big players in the online transportation industry, Gojek and Grab, now have a new competitor named Bitcar. The online taxi service, which will begin operations in August 2019, is managed by former online taxi driver partners Grab and Gojek.

Bitcar Chief Operational Officer (COO) Christiansen Wagey said, in the early stages Bitcar only reached the Jakarta and surrounding areas (Jabodetabek). According to him there are currently 1,000 partners who will work as Bitcar online taxi drivers.

“The first week of August, we are now in the process of verifying the data of drivers who have registered,” Christiansen said via text message on Thursday (1/8).

Bitcar application developed by Bitcar Sdn Bhd can already be downloaded for Android and iOS mobile applications. Christiansen explained the company focused on developing Bitcar as an online taxi service. He said, next year there are expected to be available online motorcycle taxi options for users.

Christiansen who also serves as Chairman of the Central Board of Online Driver Association (ADO) Chairman said, at the end of August Bitcar services can be enjoyed in Medan, North Sumatra and in September in Surabaya, East Java.

“We started with an online taxi, beginning next year for online motorcycle taxis and other services,” he said.

Not ‘Heartache Project’

Christiansen said that all Bitcar managers previously worked as Gojek and Grab partners. However, he stressed that Bitcar, a Malaysian-based company with its head office in Central Park, Jakarta, is not a manifestation of the drivers’ hurt project.

He said the manager of Bitcar was not a partner of Grab and Gojek who had been cut off by partners because of being suspended. Later on the issue of suspending partner accounts was busy, one of which was accused of not benefiting partners because it could be done unilaterally from the applicator.

In fact, a group of partners had dared to take to the streets for demonstrations related to it in the Grab and Gojek offices.

“My account is still active until now. And my team all accounts are still active. But because of the focus on Bitcar, we as automatic managers are no longer incorporated,” he said.

He said that the presence of Bitcar is also expected to help drivers who have lost their jobs due to suspend cases.

“Precisely by the presence of Bitcar will help colleagues whose accounts have been suspended in order to be in accordance with PM 118/2018,” he said.

Christiansen added that Bitcar was formed not as a partner or former partner resistance to Gojek and Grab. But according to him the new business in the field of online transportation is aimed at giving choices to the public, as well as the driver.

“We are here not to fight them (Grab and Gojek), but to provide choices for drivers and the public,” he said.