Many are attracted to become an online taxi partner because of the lure of his big income. Make it, they fight on the streets of Jakarta.

At least, said Budi, every day he had to work almost 12 hours to find passengers. Get out of the house at 10 am and return home early in the morning. This is a new activity for him after leaving his job as an employee of a private company in Bekasi.

Budi said he was attracted by a huge income from the story of being an online taxi driver. “I only joined this one month,” he said. “Only one application, just Uber.”

Budi was resting in front of a minimarket at Jalan Raya Lenteng Agung, South Jakarta. His fingers busy opening the phone, occasionally check the application to re-search for passengers. Bringing cars around Jakarta even to Bogor. If you want to rest, he sometimes parked the car on the side of the road, sleeping for a moment and then back looking for passengers.

For Budi, the story of taxi driver online revenue is tempting. However, in fact, he was overwhelmed getting passengers. Especially in the middle of Jakarta streets are always jammed. At best, he said, a day only get eight applications or passengers. “Per day about Rp400 thousand,” he said. The income is still to be cut for gasoline and food. “Eat and gasoline Rp150 thousand.”.

Budi chose to be a partner Uber, a pilot and transport network based in San Francisco, United States, operating in 570 cities around the world. In Indonesia, Uber is located in Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Bali, Malang, and Yogyakarta. Bob uses his own car he bought with credit. To cover the installment of Rp4 million per month, he should at least set aside money from his daily income Rp200 thousand from his search for passengers for 12 hours.

“DP car Rp15 million,” he said. “If totaled, the income per month Rp10 million.”

The amount of income was erratic, but per day-by taking a day off-at least he brought a gross income of Rp350 thousand – Rp450 thousand.
The lure of big revenues as an online taxi driver is now a trend when application-based taxi services into Indonesia in 2015. Since then, many are trying to find a fortune by joining as an online taxi partner. Car rental business registered to Uber taxi also rampant in Jakarta. Not a few employees who menyambi as an online taxi driver to increase revenue.

A driver who rented a rental car, named Syahroni, must pay Toyota Avanza car rental of Rp1, 2 million. The rent included maintenance. While to get around the income, this Bogor man uses three taxi applications online.

In the morning Syahroni turned on Uber’s taxi app, afternoon GrabCar atau Go-Car. “Grab and Go-Car is just a distraction, if rush hour keeps wearing Uber, “he said.
Tevery day he gets Rp500-Rp600 thousand with working hours about 16 hours. Revenue should be cut for gasoline for a day plus meal money, about Rp200 thousand. “Approximately Rp350 thousand remaining,” he said.

For Syahroni, using a rental car is his strategy so he is not burdened with the bill paying monthly installments if you have to credit the car. Not even he thought of the annual tax costs, including car insurance. This rental car, he said, will be returned on Saturday as he rests all day.
Untung Rugi Menjadi Sopir Taksi Online

The lure of earning a large income by joining as a partner provider of online taxi service applications is not always profitable. Often the driver is caught in a scheme that has been overdone he lived.

For example Benny, an online taxi driver from East Jakarta. Interested in joining two application providers online taxi service, he now seemed stuck. Benny was originally a private worker, but he broke off his old job and took a car to register at an online taxi service.

Every month he received a net income of about Rp6 million, but he also had to pay installments Rp4, 2 million. “Clean every day bring home Rp200 thousand,” he said via phone.

How to detail the income that should cover also the installment, the need for gasoline, car maintenance including monthly money for daily life?

Tirto performing calculations by the driver’s scheme using the car from the way it is credited and not relying on incentives or bonuses as an online taxi driver including reducing the value of shrinkage of vehicles per year. For example, for Xenia car output 2016, with installment Rp4, 2 million, at least the driver must set aside income Rp 150 thousand / day assuming no day off. Revenue should also be shared with maintenance costs Rp1 million (which is usually per three months), including car insurance of about Rp5 million / year.

That is, in addition to having set aside Rp150 thousand / hari, he must save Rp10 thousand / day for car maintenance fee and Rp14 thousand / day for paying insurance. So, at least for car repayments, periodic maintenance and insurance, this driver should set aside Rp174 thousand / day.

That plus the cost of gasoline per day. From the interviews of the taxi drivers online, every day they used to spend money on gas Rp150-Rp200 thousand. If calculated everything, the driver must get Rp324 thousand / day to cover these costs.

Only the rest of the drivers can find extra money for the cost of daily needs. Meanwhile, to get a gross income per day around Rp500 thousand, at least the drivers have to work for 12 hours.
What about drivers who use vehicles from rental services?

The average cost of car rental for online taxi services such as in Jakarta for Rp180 thousand / day. This does not include gasoline that must be fully charged when the car is returned. Simulation: if the driver a day get dirty money Rp500 thousand, the money is deducted rent costs Rp180 thousand including filling gasoline and make money to eat about Rp200 thousand. The rest, they bring home Rp120 thousand / day.

According to Benny, maximum within 12 hours on the streets of Jakarta, most online taxi drivers are only able to take 12 passenger applications. If they have to take orders to take long-distance passengers, it is difficult to reach 12 passenger applications in a day. The factor, long distance passengers in addition to time consuming, he would not necessarily bring new passengers toward the same destination when returning. For example from Jakarta to Bogor then back again to Jakarta.

“If far, sometimes like baseball bring the application again. It’s time to make another app in Jakarta, “” Benny said.