Head of Corporate Executive of PT Go-Jek Indonesia, Nadiem Makarim, took a moment to throw uneg-uneg (union) to President Joko Widodo, who today met with creative business players in Serpong. This involves asking Jokowi for input on how his business field is not a “common enemy” among conventional motorcycle taxi drivers.

Jokowi seems to have understood the situation. So, jokingly, Jokowi had asked Nadiem, “Still being chased by motorcycle taxi drivers?” “Still, sir,” Nadiem answered spontaneously.

“I’m a motorcycle taxi driver, I’m on the morning of the weekend afternoon, always ngojek.As we know Go-Jek’s IOS-based Android-based apps help the ojeks increase their income,” said Nadiem at Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE) Serpong Damai, Tangerang, Tuesday, August 4, 2015.

Such a worship as a firm statement Nadiem against the business they do. Because, until now there are still many misunderstandings related to his business.

The impact of the people’s lack of understanding, especially the other motorcycle taxi drivers who have not become their partners, makes them jealous and upset with Go-Jek drivers who are often considered taking their passengers.

Such ignorance often leads to violence by the motorcycle taxi drivers who hung in their respective areas to Go-Jek drivers who ‘transport’ passengers in their area.

Violent cases have surfaced in recent days, for example a female Go-Jek driver who has been subjected to violence from a motorcycle taxi driver in Warung Bucit. Photos of his beatings scattered on the internet to be a warm conversation at the time.

However, Nadiem at that time immediately denied it. He said the female driver was injured not because of being beaten, but because of a fall.

“The photos circulating in social media are purely single accidents, not beatings, which we have clarified in social media as well,” he said.

Nadiem always insists that every passenger transported by Go-Jek’s drivers comes from reservations made in the app, not on a roadside basis and seize other ojek rations.

Known, from the beginning stand up to now, calculated local company has 10 thousand partners motorcycle rider. All riders are scattered in Jabodetabek, Bandung, Surabaya, and Bali. Claimed, Go-Jek per day, on average there are about 200 motorcycle taxi drivers who declared want to join Go-Jek.