Frasindo Reporting.

Crowdsale was started at 15th February 2018 and closed 19th February 2018, during this ROUND1 BONUS 20%, we have gathered some donation support from generous supporters, the amount is not much but we feel very fortunate and deepest gratitude to supporters.

During this ROUND 1 we bump in to so many obstacle, and what we have gathered will be a PROOF, all the other project out there is OVERBUDGET. By making FRASINDO FRAS thrive, will open up to many path in REALISTIC way, and will make the community and the team PROUD in be Frasindo Family.

Remembering our goal is to help a lot of projects and small-medium industries which could not afford todays ICO fee and all marketing fee, market exchange and etc.


This amount maybe is a laugh by the blockchain world,  we will proof them all wrong.. Our dedication will go through inside the mountains.

Soon, right after the crowdsale ends, FRASINDO FRAS logo will roam around the city roads, making people know Frasindo armada is around them, and we are here to STAY and building the Frasindo empire. Until someday we presents this empire to the community, they could lead replacing the founder team,.

To the FRASINDO INITIAL COMMUNITY,we love you so much, we wont forget your contributions, hope all of you will stay(never sell) and be the witnesses of Frasindo’s history. Also THERE WILL BE EXTRA REWARD to ALL initial contributor during crowdsale.

Please  help us protect and grow Frasindo together. Since this is true community governance, this project is yours, as long as you hold FRAS. Help us in marketing too..


Here are our current progress=

  1. already 4-fully working product/feature   (1 2 3 4)
  2. already fully incorporated     (see me) (while other project selling ideas and wish to get your money to fullfil their dreams)
  3. already legalized by government (
  4. already have human resources    (
  5. already have assets  (
  6. already have sister company AGRA
  7. The PT.Frasindo Lima Mandiri already have partnership with TAXI ONLINE (Uber Grab Gocar) and many other company (we can show 3 backend panel, given by them)
  8. already acknowledged by Stellar and ANG
  9. already real transparent           (
  10. already real open                       (
  11. already have real office      (ready to be visited ANYTIME, by ANYONE, please come by Cheesy have lunch with us)
  12. already have real benefits and advantages, we dont just selling ideas and give our backers merely a TOKEN (
  13. already escrowed by NXT-Foundation   (
  14. already GPS enabled                   (
  15. already TRACKER enabled           (    able to replay until 1month)
  16. already have few child-projects fully working  (1 2)
  17. already 4x winner of Stellar Build Challenge (
  18. already not need R&D anymore, except the upcoming new child-projects in working progress (1 2 3)
  19. already starting to make acquisition of another start-up ( with daily sales 650 packages IN LIVE sales, anyone can see)


Soon the CoinRupiah, Warnamu, and bitXplor will also release.. and when they do ICO, releasing token; FRAS holders are entitled 10% of its airdrop.


Thank you for your blessings and gave hope to Frasindo FRAS, it strenghten us to face many obstacles in the future, and welcome to the Frasindo Family