We are happy to announce, FRAS are in partnership with mibcoin.io & www.boltsoft.io
Korean blockchain project, MIB coin is a smartphone-based blockchain network, with Endless possibilities mining with your smartphone.

Providing masternode +community for Indonesia and ASIA region MIBminingpool.com

Smart mining not only allows one to mine cryptocurrencies and generate fresh blocks using mobile phones, it makes it possible to introduce mining in areas where power availability isn’t optimal, including many regions in parts of Asia, South America, etc. By doing so, this development makes it possible to bring down the social and monetary costs and lead to better adoption and penetration.

By leveraging the latest SmartX blockchain platform, the new MIB coin has been trying to maintain a flexible blockchain network at reduced costs, allowing penetration up to 94.4% of the prospective users. About 50% of the MIB coins are available for Smart Mining and open for public access.

MIBcoin forming underlying blockchain where all new tokens could be created, this also a solution case for Bitcoin future, where to avoid centralization of mining, we could have bitcoin mining on every electrical device such as Smartphone, PC, Router, Bulb Lamp, Air Conditioner, even Cars and Refrigerator.

With partnership in secure, Frasindo could gave extra benefits to all FRAS COIN holders too (as planned), where 10%+10% allocation from the mining pool earning in which 1% of the network from the MIBminingpool.com, will be given away as a routine lottery each month, to all FRAS COIN holders and another 10% as a lottery or cashback to miners whom doing mining at the MIBminingpool.com

Happy Mining everyone