What is the difference between Fras coin and Bitcoin?, Most people are misguided right now, where many say Fras coin is the same as Bitcoin. But actually both are different but interrelated. Fras coin is the ledger record of all crypto transactions in the form of blocks that once executed. The transaction records in this ledger continue to grow as each ‘finished’ block is added to it with a new recording set. Blocks are added to the fras coin in a linear and chronological way. Fras coin has a platform and currently uses the Bitcoin protocol. Fras coin can have a positive impact for Indonesia, because the fras coin  provides transparency and efficiency in making transactions, let alone also terkogolong quickly with the cost of sending a cheaper. However, this does not mean fras coin technology has no weaknesses, this one technology also does not have a clear inventor (anonymous), and also prone to the use of this technology for embezzlement and money laundering, of course a thing to be aware of.

Bitcoin is one of the digital currencies, this currency is known as crypto currency and is done in a distributed peer-to-peer that can be transferred instantly and securely between two people in the world. It’s like electronic / digital money that can be used to pay merchants or send money to friends or family. Bitcoin is one of the cryptocurrencies that is now trending because its price is rising rapidly in recent days. Of course, Bitcoin is basically a decentralized decentralized currency, which means that no single agency or central bank can regulate its circulation. Bitcoin is obtained from the results of sophisticated computer mining, and can be traded like the original currency in some exchangers on the Internet. Although the form of virtual currency, but Bitcoin has the same value as the rupiah and dollar that existence only exist in the digital world. Conceptually, CryptoCurrency bitcoin is similar to eGold which in reality both businesses are berebda. Some people also consider this bitcoin similar to Forex when these two things are different. Currently, buying bitcoin and reselling it is becoming a thing of interest to the public especially for those lovers of digital trading. Moreover the more here, the higher the CryptoCurrency bitcoin selling value.

Fras coin and Bitcoin are part of Financial Technology that shakes the world of banking around the world for being more transparent and more secure. Without any control from the government.