The technology development undertaken by Frasindo is a preliminary step with the goal of expanding the company in accordance with the planned roadmap. The community can enjoy the benefits of Frasindo using its digital money to use in Frasindo. Fras Coin has been set up to be usable by multiple blockhain platforms. Fras Coin is currently also available on several digital money platforms such as Ardor, Ignis, and Stellar.

At this time I will discuss about Stellar, so you can know about what it is and know what are the advantages. Stellar is an open platform or network that connects payment systems with users that are integrated to transfer quickly, reliably and virtually no cost. As we have seen, Stellar is a remarkable phenomenon at the time of its first release in 2014. Stellar is one of cryptocurrency that many devotees.

With the development of technology conducted by Stellar. Anda then Stellar Network upgrades its system and then comes a new cryptocurrency named Lumens or XLM. Lumens is a metamorphosis of Stellar or STR.

In 2014 the Stellar network was launched with 100 billion Stellar, use the original name of the original assets of the network “Stellar”. And then in 2015, the Stellar network is upgraded to a newer, sophisticated system called “Lumens”. There are several things that distinguish between Stellar and Lumens:

1) Stellar has its own network

2), a non-profit organization that contributes to network development. Lumens is a product of the Stellar Development program that it has many developers because it is open source. In short, Lumens is safer than Stellar from spam because of its upgraded technology.

If we visit Stellar official site (, we will be provided some official wallet that is definitely not a scam, like Stellar Term, Stellar Desktop Client, Ledger, Stronghold, , LOBSTR, Stargazer, SAZA , Blackwallet, LuPoEx, Centaurus, and Papaya. Some of these wallets support a variety of platforms such as desktop wallets, mobile wallets, and also web wallets. But the safest to use is desktop wallets provided by Ledger, Stellar Desktop Client, and Stargazer, where the everything details about the account and access security are kept by the wallet user. If using web based wallet, it could happen Scam, because the wallet security data may be stored in the web Server.

FRASINDO through its product has been acknowledged by the Stellar Development Foundation,  and become few times winner of stellar build challenge

it is also known as the largest stellar forum (by 7 Feb 2018) with daily visitor 5862users