The community can enjoy the benefits of Frasindo by using its digital money for their lifestyle. Fras Coin has been set up to be usable by multiple blockhain platforms. There is a notice from Frasindo that Ardor and Ignis trade has opened on their platform. Ignis is a chain-child crypto created or ICOed on 5 August 2017. Ignis became the first child chain on the blocked network of Ardor suspected of having the entire NXT feature, but there is a special addition to Ardor-Specific. Simply put, Ignis has all the advantages of NXT coupled with better perfection. Ardor itself is a parent blockchain that enables the addition of derived chains by the mechanism of transaction processing through Proof-of-Stake Consensus (POS). This mechanism ensures the security and scalability of the underlying network chain. Transaction fees on a derivative chain will be paid with the Original Token.

To make this scheme easier to understand let us take the example, Ardor as a parent blockchain was released in the third quarter of 2017 ago. However, users in the blocking ecosystem of Ardor are able to maintain accounts with balances across various derivative chains. Thus, by having 1 Ardor account, users can save money on various other derivative chains without having to bother to change the chain. Then the Ardor derivative chain is a new technology and does not represent a Sidechains approach like Lisk or Rootstock. Cross-chain / cross-chain transactions can be done very easily, because the derived chains are closely integrated in the Ardor parent chain.

This is where Ignis was created as the First Derived Chain of the Ardor blocking ecosystem. Ignis will be the only unrelated derivative chain. That is, the possibility of the next derivative chain will have restrictions on Anonymity and also be limited to other important features. In contrast to Ignis are deliberately created so that no limitations whatsoever, so that users can freely use Ignis without permission or any limit. Token Ignis allows users to instantly redeem IGNIS to ARDR or other token that will be created next. This is done to ensure that Ignis is designed “Special”, so that the latter competitor has no advantages possessed by Ignis. Actually, this way is arguably unfair, because on the blockchain it should transparency be number one, regardless of the wishes of the company or crypto developer.

By working with ignis, of course, users of Fras Coin will expand its reach. This is one of the convenience offered by Frasindo. So what are you waiting for, join us at Frasindo!