Transportation in the future may look like something we have never imagined before. Should we wait to witness the futuristic innovation that long? I don’t think so. Fransido will give you two hands open if you are up something innovative when it comes to mass  and public transportation. With total population that is in the top 5 in the world.  As the 4th populous country on earth after China, India, and United State of America, Indonesian innovators and inventors have a good capital. With the ever growing number of population spread in 34 provinces, there are a lot of ideas to come up with because every region in this country must have a transportation problem that can be solved with different approaches and solutions. One thing that we believe is that providing cheap and beneficial facilities for both parties, provider and users, is the solution

Frasindo is ready to discuss with you about your future project and help that come to life. As a business that has a core in providing assets for transportations, Frasindo believes that this kind of business will come in handy in the future. Not to mention the growth of it will bring so much benefit not only for Frasindo itself, but also for those who join and invest with us.

The business of Frasindo is equipped with 24-camera so every investor or project manager can see live activity of their business 24 hours and 7 days.  In facility is meant to build and sustain trust for those who are interested but are they still doubtful of our safety and protection. Every vehicle owned by Frasindo is also equipped by 3 GPS tracking down where it goes.  There are also facing camera and tapping voice so members can have their part in keeping an eye on the assets. The cars or assets of Frasindo are officially and legally registered. This creates no space for those who have an intention to commit crime or anything that violates law enforcement. Next thing that makes most of people excited about is the profit. Profit of this business is expected to be, at least, 8.88% from the maintained assets. Frasindo will always make its great effort to obtain maximum profit in spite of the hard times making it possible to get one.

It is important to remember that Frasindo is ready to cover up what the next generation needs when it comes to transportation. So, what are you waiting for?