The driver’s partner is one of the keys to the company’s success in running its business to participate in global competition. All the process we take to get a reliable and hopeful driver partners, ranging from advertising opportunities to media cooperation, interviews, document verification, to the signing of the contract and even training as an online taxi driver-was not spared.
From the series of the process then the result is a reliable driver partner who with great pride we welcome to be part of Frasindo.

We always strive to get the driver’s partners as expected, although it can not be denied over time in the process of cooperation there are problems and obstacles. Sometimes some of the driver’s partners act out of decency that results in a poor business run. But there is no word of surrender to us to make the business condition run smoothly again and always try to innovate in order to minimize the constraints or no similar problems in the future.

Here is one of the best drivers owned by Frasindo, which until now still works

Sindyta Giovany

Women born in Bogor City on April 19, 1988, since September 12, 2016 has joined with Frasindo, Sindyta initially interested to work as an online taxi driver because he saw various news on the possibility of economic potential, ease of time and other benefits that can be obtained when joining the application operator taxi online.

As soon as possible he find out how it is necessary to become an online taxi driver, from the requirements he has met but there is one obstacle that he encountered that does not have a car that meets the standards to be registered as a vehicle so he decided to look for car rental companies that have a fleet according to standards taxi online. From day to day he has not met an appropriate car rental company, until at one time he saw an advertisement on a job site that included an opportunity to work as an online taxi driver. Without the need to think long Sindyta immediately contacted the company and expressed interest. On September 11, 2016 Sindyta came to Frasindo and without hesitation he applied for cooperation.

The first impression we met Sindyta quite well, he personally very enthusiastic follow all the processes and requirements.After the interview and verification of data completed as soon as we register as an online taxi driver, a moment later Sindyta already has an online taxi driver account. Without it now he has become a reliable driver who often get rewards and five-star title.




Sindyta dont do many mistakes, she did working well, until she decide to take vacation and forgot to go back.. while the car is on her.. she did asking permission to take leave for 3weeks, and we let her (even thou it is to long).. but she back after 1month. and what angry us, after she got back, she want to quit and return the car, because she got another job..

so our 1month++ is in vain, not to mention re-recruitment might took more days to process.

we tell her to pay the few weeks she wasted, because she broke her own promise, supposedly we could rent the car to someone else within that 1month++, but her action in not willing to let go the car to be rented by someone else is making loses of possible income to the company.

she refuse to pay, and she also refuse to pay, and we had to deduct from her deposit, but her debt is more than that, include the contract penalty


so sad, she suppose to commit to the work,,