As the world has gone more and more digital every day, the way we earn and maintain money have gradually changed as well. One of the newest innovations in money transaction drawing a lot of attention is Fras Coin. For those who are not well-knowing enough about this trend, this article will help to enlighten you.

Fras Coin is a blackchain start-up incubator focusing on developing business that incorporates the role of IT in it. It helps corporations by making the fund less stressful to deal with. That is to mean, the corporations are excluded in the hustle to gain the benefit for what they invest.

Fras coin is self-sustainable which means the benefit will keep on growing from time to time. The benefit can also be obtained by the users in the form of car coin or vouchers. The source of the income comes from the business of car rental, online taxi, and driver recruitment.

What are the other benefits of Fras Coin?

  1. Guaranteed safety

Most of us are worried about investing our money in anything related to business run digitally. Frasindo is 100% secured and backed under the governmental and legal institution. This is what makes the accountability more transparent, clear, and also trusted. The presence of Fras coin in Indonesia itself is not for taking over the current national currency. Ā Instead, it promotes a new kind of business whose benefits can be obtained by all people from different economic or social level. Moreover, the company has been giving its services since 2013 and developed by those who are passionate and enthusiastic in the field of business, particularly crypotocurrency.

  1. 24-hour support

Frasindo is a real company that has an official office where anyone is welcomed to visit. Any activity can be tracked down online and if you find something to help with, you can reach out the help center, be it on video call, Telegram Chat, or chat group, anytime you want. The people are very friendly and the will not give up on you until the explanation you have is very clear.

  1. Car Coin

Car coin is the other benefit of Fras Coin. Car coin is given in the form of token or voucher that a fras coin holder can redeem it to be a free car usage and any other vacation benefits such as free tour guide, free room, and free drive to an airport.