The technology for transportation now makes it possible to make vehicles smarter, so that it can reducing the potential for accidents. In addition, there are many more technological advances that can be utilized transportation to make the transportation ecosystem becomes easier, convenient, and safe for users. The development of digital-based business provides convenience to the community. One of them is the need of private transportation or public transportation. The Communities are now increasingly facilitated by the presence of online taxis like Uber, Grab Car and Go Car. They become one of the best choice for the community to travel short distances and long distance.

In addition to the relatively cheap price, online transportation is also very easily accessible. The consumers only order transport by application, and then the service ready to drive anywhere to the destination. The general term of online transportation is a popular online taxi in recent years. Online transportation activities are many and varied, ranging from business to the office or residents who want to return home every weekend.

Online taxis are considered a solution to reduce the level of private vehicle use on highways, especially large cities. Ultimately expected to reduce the traffic jam. The theory is simple, with one car, at least can be boarded by some people who previously used private vehicles for daily activities. However, the concept of online taxis not only apply in Jakarta but also in another big cities. Promotion for each individual citizens of the city is done through social media networks.

The implementation of such a solution has also been done by the DKI Jakarta Government through a 3-in-1 zone system that requires drivers to maximize the number of people in their cars. Through this strategy, car drivers who do not reach a minimum of three passengers in a car may not cross 3-in-1 zones or decide not to drive a private car to avoid a punishment. According to Boston Consulting Group research with Uber, the implementation of online taxi can be an alternative to reduce the use of private vehicle amount can be reduced to 60 percent in Jakarta. In addition, this study also shows that currently there are more than 50 percent of cars on the road that are only used by 1 person only.

Responding to this problem, application developers like Uber, Grab, Gojek and the Frasindo Rent. This app makes use of fast data analysis that will match passengers with an online taxi driver who has a specific destination. So no need to ride public transportation that is prone to crime. This system has a potential advantage because of the facts it can reduce the amount of transportation, pollution and vehicle density.