Jakarta – Flock of motorcycle taxi drivers online (ojol) came to park security guard Park Palem, Cengkareng, West Jakarta. They came to the location because their comrades were beaten by security guards.

“They fill the road in front of Palm Block C Park. If calculated approximately to thousands,” said police chief Cengkareng Kompol Agung Budi Leksono when contacted by AFP on Thursday (11/1/2018).

This incident originated from bicker driver Rudi Suhendi ojol with a security guard. On Wednesday (10/1) at around 22:00 pm, Rudi intercepted security guard fighting Zaboa when will send food into the housing.

Rudi asked to show ID. Then he did not accept because considers often deliver food into the housing.

“The victim did not receive a request for ID card, she felt used to send food inside without being asked for KTP, and there was a quarrel between the two,” said Agung.

After that, the victim came in and delivered the food. Upon returning home, Rudi and Zaboa came back bickering because they were still upset.

“Suddenly the perpetrator hit the victim until it bleeds in the nose.The victim goes to the base and the story of the incident,” said Agung.

After that, the ogiol rush group went straight to the security post. They raided and damaged the security guard post.

“Friends of the victims came and damaged the security post by using stone and wood,” said Agung.

The police immediately took action to secure the perpetrators and the victims. The police also secured the angry crowd by giving an explanation.

“I told the masses that the perpetrators have been secured and will be processed legally, then I ask the korlap (field coordinator) and the masses to disperse,” said Agung.

After hearing Agung’s explanation, the mob dispersed. The perpetrators were charged with article 351 of the Criminal Code concerning the persecution.
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Source Arief Ikhsanudin – detikNews