SURABAYA, – East Java Transportation Department noted, until today there are only 113 units of online taxis that have operating licenses. The amount is still fairly small from the quota of online taxis in East Java which is pegged as many as 4445 units.

Head of East Java Transportation Department Wahid Wahyudi said, until January 3, 2018, it received the principle permit from 31 companies with the number of online taxes submitted as many as 2,418 units.

“Until today we have licensed only 113 units of online taxi from nine companies,” said Wahid after the inauguration of online taxi operation at Grahadi Building Surabaya on Thursday (4/1/2018).

Licensing to date is still ongoing, ranging from administrative checks to taxi test online.

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In East Java, Wahid said, online taxi quota is regulated through East Java Gubernatorial Regulation No. 188/375 / KPTS / 103/2017. In the regulations compiled with the stakeholders, set an online tax quota in East Java limited to only 4,445 units.

The amount is spread in various areas, namely in Malang Raya 225 units, as well as in the region Gresik, Madura, Mojokerto, Surabaya, Sidoarjo, and Lamongan as many as 3,000 units.

“Quota per region is calculated according to the needs and distribution of the population,” he said.

Setting quotas is also intended to save the company. Therefore, if the availability and needs are not balanced then it will threaten the existence of an online taxi company.

Regarding the fixed tariff determination refers to Dirjen of Land Transportation Regulation Number SK.3244 / AJ.801 / DJPD / 2017 concerning Tariff of Upper Limit and Tariff of Boundary of Special Lease Transportation. The tariff of special lease in East Java is Rp 6,000 per kilometer for the upper limit and Rp 3,500 per kilometer for the lower limit.