TRIBUNTRAVEL.COM – It is undeniable that technological sophistication now greatly affects the daily lives of the world community.

This is very visible with the creation of a vehicle booking application guys.

In addition to practical, the use of online vehicle ordering applications is indeed very easy for the traveler.

Just click the booking application that is on your smartphone, you can go directly to the destination of your dream trip.

Well, but be aware or not some of the services of public transportation often make complacent or even disappointed guys.

However, you will find different things when trying to ride motorbikes online abroad.

Especially online taxis, be prepared to be spoiled with a variety of interesting services and make you feel at home.

Like some of the following online taxi services, which actually makes the passengers feel at home don’t want to go down, let’s look at his ticket at

  • 1. Gothic taxis!

If you usually find neat uniformed taxi drivers.

In this taxi, you will meet with snag driver wearing a skull costume.

  • 2. Sparkled Taxi

Sparkled Taxi is really great for you who really like the warm and romantic atmosphere guys.

Equipped with twinkling mini lights, it adds to the serene atmosphere.

  • 3. Minimart Taxi

Wow, it’s guaranteed not to go down if you find a taxi with this complete service guys.

How are you interested in riding it guys?

  • 4. Nice driver!

If this is a super-kind driver.

Well, for those of you who want to karaoke and even more stupid can you try to ride this taxi guys, is that exciting right?

  • 5. Prevention is better than cure!

It seems that the driver is very alert and cares about health.

What not? See the equipment as complete as this?

  • 6. Creative just like that!

The super mini android screen usually makes it difficult for drivers to type.

The solution is this portable keyboard, cool guys?

  • 7. Is this a taxi or boarding house?

God level totality! This super complete little service in the taxi guys.

Be sure to make you feel at home for the maximum to take this taxi.

  • 8. Fantasy

With the theme of fantasy taxis, the driver turned his taxi into a fairytale style vehicle guys.

  • 9. Super luxury!

Oh, my God! It feels like this car is too fancy to be a taxi?

If you want to take a super fancy taxi like this?

  • 10. The smallest driver in the world

Do you think this cute guy already has a license?

So which online taxi you would like to try guys?

Happy traveling!