The increase in subsidized fuel tariffs of premium and diesel fuel also affects rental rates for rental cars or rental cars. The Association of Indonesian Vehicle Rental Entrepreneurs (Asperkindo) of South Sulawesi estimates tariff increases to reach 10 to 15 percent. But tariffs are not raised immediately and wait for the impact of fuel price hike on auto parts and car prices. “Actually, the car rental business is not too affected by the fuel price hike because the fuel is borne by the tenant, only the fuel price hike is multiplex,” said Asperkindo Chairman of South Sulawesi, Iwan Jafar, Friday (21/06/2013). To raise rental rates, car rental entrepreneurs do not count on the amount of fuel price increases. However it refers to the percentage increase in spare parts prices, new cars, and the level of driver needs. Rental entrepreneurs have been able to estimate the rate increase based on the fuel price hike scheme.