Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Regent of Garut, Rudy Gunawan was shocked by his citizens who had to carry the dead body from the Regional General Hospital (RSUD) Doctor Slamet Garut using online taxi services. Rudy claims the Garut Regency Government has provided maximum health services, one of which is a free ambulance.

Therefore Rudy admitted that he did not know what made the people choose to take the body to the funeral home with an online taxi instead of an ambulance.

“I don’t know what the motive is, people rent Grab instead of ambulances even though the cost of an ambulance is free,” Rudy said in Garut, Wednesday (8/5) quoted by Antara.

He added, the Garut Regency Government had provided an ambulance to provide services to the sick and those who died for free.

Garut Regency Government, he said, always tried to provide maximum service, including preparing an ambulance. Even in Garut Hall there are two ambulance units that can be used by the public for free.

“In the Hall there are two ambulances, one for the sick, one for the corpse,” he said.

Rudy regretted that there were still health services including ambulance services that could not be utilized optimally by the community. Even though his side has instructed to provide good service for the community.

“We hope that services for people who are sick must be improved,” he said.

Previously, an online taxi driver, Yuny (36) reportedly brought the body from RSUD Dokter Slamet Garut to Banjarwangi or the southern area of ​​Garut with a distance of about 3 to 4 hours with service fees according to the application amounting to Rp. 230 thousand.

The reason is not being able to pay for an ambulance service which is more expensive than using an online taxi.

Related to that, Acting Deputy General Director of RSUD Dokter Slamet Garut Eka Ariyanti confirmed that the bodies of a 69-year-old mother were taken to a funeral home using an online taxi on Wednesday (1/5) in the morning.

Eka explained, the deceased’s family had asked about the ambulance service to the guard officer. But at that time the driver and ambulance were delivering the bodies to Bandung and Cibiuk.

Eka said, the ambulance tariff to the Banjarwangi area was around Rp.400 thousand. But then the family did not ask again about the tariff until finally they were taken in a car known as an online taxi.

“Even though the RSUD Dokter Slamet Garut as an extension of the regional government has a policy in terms of reduction or exemption of fees that technically can be implemented by management,” Eka said. (