, Jakarta For online taxi customers must have encountered riders with various characteristics. There are silent languages, treat passengers like friends, even dare to flirt.

The last characteristic of flirting, the more women experience. Certainly it makes us feel uncomfortable. However, on the basis of fear or uneasiness, we can only accept, serve it lightly, or not flinch facing it.

If the online taxi driver is outrageous in chatting and teasing, we should not take it for granted. Here are some tips from others that can be applied to face an online taxi driver who likes to tease to give a deterrent effect.

Pretend Phone Husband
“I was once offered to be picked up and escorted to the office by an online taxi driver, I just kept quiet and immediately pretended to call my husband to pick up after the office later, after that the taxi driver just kept quiet until the goal,” said Bella, 25 years old.

Say it straight
“It took courage to convey the inconvenience that I felt at the time that an online taxi driver was always watching me in the rearview mirror, and I immediately said it was rude and I was uncomfortable.When we were firm and hard, it intimidated them, “Says Sheila, 26.

Report in review
“Do not be afraid to report unpleasant things while enjoying the online taxi service.We give customers the right to review and leave a comment.I once reported a seductive driver and after that I with him was given a warning.That should be like that let there be a deterrent effect, Says Nova, 29 years old