After Uber who provides a ride-sharing service in the form of cars, GO-JEK local company comes by offering an online motorcycle taxi service. The success of GO-JEK with its online motorcycle taxi service was followed by Grab and Uber.

Feel the business land began be attacked by Grab and Uber who both already have an online motorcycle taxi service, GO-JEK also presents GO-CAR service. When compared to Uber X or Grab Car, who is cheaper?

GO-CAR vs Uber vs Grab Bike

Unlike GO-RIDE which is a ride-sharing service in the form of motorcycle taxi online, GO-CAR provides car ride sharing services. With the GO-CAR, you will not bother anymore if you go together with friends or family. But, when compared with Grab Car or Uber X that provides similar services, cheaper where ya?

Perbandingan Tarif GO-CAR vs Uber X vs Grab Car

The presence of GO-CAR service makes the choice of vehicle to go with family or friends easier. The problem is different from the GO-RIDE that can only own, with GO-CAR bsia go four or five at a time. Well, so you are not confused compare the rate of who is cheaper, following Jaka make a list of rates between GO-CAR, Uber X and Grab Car.

Service Tariff Description
GO-CAR Flat rate Rp 3.500, – / km Minimal Rp 10.000, –
Grab Car Flat rate Rp 4.500, – / km Minimal Rp 10.000, –
Rates rise when demand is high

Uber X Basic Fare = Rp 3,000, –
Rates per km = Rp 2.001, –
Rate per minute = Rp 300, – Minimal = Rp 1,000, –
Rates rise when demand is high


With this tariff scheme, it is clear that GO-CAR tariff is cheaper when compared with Uber X or Grab Car. To prove cheap or not when used everyday, Jaka try to make comparison with ordering GO-CAR and Grab, then compare it with Uber X rate from Gandaria City to Grand Indonesia.



With flat rates per km, GO-CAR fares are definitely cheaper than Grab Car. But when compared with Uber X using tariff scheme depending on distance and travel time, the tariff of GO-CAR can be more expensive or cheaper depending on the street situation. If it can get faster to the destination, it could be Uber X cheaper. The proof you can see from Jaka journey from Gandaria City to Grand Indonesia, it turns out Uber X only cost Rp 29,500, -.

How do you think it’s cheaper GO-CAR, Uber X or Grab Car? The GO-CAR tariff is cheaper than Grab Car, right?