Go-Jek, the provider of online ojek service providers, will soon be installing a feature called Go-Busway.

In that application, you can see TransJakarta bus position in real-time, which is integrated directly with TransJakarta bus stop.

Nadiem Makarim, founder of Go-Jek, said this as a form of support from his side to the Government of DKI Jakarta in advancing transportation technology in Jakarta.

“We are pleased to have the full support of the provincial government to innovate again,” said Nadiem, Thursday, July 2, 2015.

He said, with the application, passengers can know the position of TransJakarta bus and promo from Go-Jek for those who go Go-Jek to TransJJarta bus stop does not need to pay the ticket, because it has been included in the billing Go-Jek.

“Later, for passengers to TransJakarta bus stop, do not have to pay again at the bus stop, free subsidy from Go-Jek,” he said.

Nadiem admits that Go-Jek is currently a government partner in advancing technology in the field of public transportation.

Go-Jek also accepted the challenge from the government to create an application system for trucks on the streets, which could later be used to search for empty trucks.

“The first step, maybe we advance the technology first, there is a challenge to make an application for the truck, we accept the challenge,” said Nadiem