After launching on iOS devices last week, finally a new look of the official Go-Jek app booking page on Android. This view update can be enjoyed in Go-Ride and Go-Car services.

What are the changes?

In the introductory video of his new look, Go-Jek explains how this display contains more travel history. That way, users do not have to bother when wanting to choose the usual travel destination.

Then, Go-Jek also confirmed the pick-up point became more accurate. This is the answer to the complaints of users who often report the inappropriate point of pick up alias ‘ngaco’. Through this update, the pickup point is more appropriate without the need for manual pickup again.

Finally, this update also allows faster ordering process, both for Go-Ride and Go-Car. Users simply double-click to place an order. Go-Jek says this update has a more leverage on the small screen.

For design changes, when entering the Go-Ride or Go-Car transport booking menu, you will see a different view than usual, such as icon changes and pick-up point.

On the transport booking menu, logo changes are visible at the point of pick up and point of destination driving. If it was just a blue and orange pin, now the logo turns into a blue circle with people and orange circles that look more alive.

In addition, other changes are in vehicle replacement parts. In the past, the vehicle service logo was just a circle, in the new look is changed into a form list with a fresher logo.

While the typeface used in the new look Go-Jek application looks similar to that used competitors, Uber. Only, the fonts that Go-Jek uses in the new look design, are made thicker than the fonts in Uber that tend to be skinny.

To get this new look, you’ll need to update your Go-Jek app to the latest version, both for Android and iOS devices.

Is this Go-Jek’s new look better for you?