Jakarta – A baby boy was born in an online taxi in Surabaya. At that time her mother was on her way to the hospital and already felt the pain of contraction. Here’s the story, Bun.

Indra Prawoto, an online taxi driver partner, Uber, tells of himself being a witness to the birth of a baby boy in a car he drives. The incident occurred on 22 November 2017 ago.

“I got a Uber order at around 5:30 pm and picked up two women in Anyar Tambak area who asked to be escorted to the nearest mother and child hospital, one of the passengers in the pregnant condition,” explained Indra.

At that time heavy rain flushed Surabaya. Already an hour’s drive to the nearest mother and child hospital about 6 kilometers away. Understandably, when the condition of the streets badly jammed.

Suddenly a pregnant passenger screamed in pain. “Helped by his friend, the mother finally gave birth to baby boy safely.I continued to go to the hospital immediately because the mother and baby need to handle the doctor,” continued Indra.

As a result of severe traffic jams, it took them about two hours to get to the hospital. The baby himself was in the car about 50 minutes before arriving at the hospital.

“The tension was not over yet, there were two cars in front of me, so I still had to queue up, but I decided to get out of the car, ask for help for the two cars to go forward, and I drove in front of the ER. Indra.

Doctors and nurses who guard sprinted toward the car driven by Indra nih, Bun. They also immediately provide care for the baby, among others, by cutting the umbilical cord in the car before bringing the child into the room.

How ya feel there are passengers born in cars we drive? If the words Indra events that make him tremble and fear. Of course he is worried about the safety of mother and baby.

Bayi lahir di Uber/

Baby born in Uber / Baby born in Uber / Photo: Uber doc

“I can not think much and just trying to get to the hospital immediately so that Mother and child can be handled immediately, I have to wait until some time and thank goodness everything is healthy,” he explained.

The baby was named Muhammad Akbar. On his special birth, Uber also provided baby gear and jumper, T-shirt for his mother, and Uber credit worth Rp 1 million. As for the friend of the mother who accompanied to the hospital get T-shirts and Uber credit worth Rp 500 thousand.

Uber also bears the cost of cleaning the vehicle, as well as providing cash and shirts for Indra, the driver.

How is Akbar current? Apparently he now lives in Madura with his parents and grandparents. Healthy always yes, Akbar.

To note, in the year 2017 there are 4 babies in the world born in Uber journey. They are babies in Malaysia, Singapore, United States, and Indonesia. (vit / vit)


SourceĀ Nurvita Indarini haibunda.com