Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Vice President of Corporate Affairs Gojek Michael Say responded to the Bali Governor’s plan to ban online taxis operating in his area. Michael said it was ready to hold discussions with the Bali Provincial Government regarding this matter.

“We will continue to hold discussions and communication with all levels of society and the local government of Bali,” Michael said through a text message received by CNNIndonesia.com on Wednesday (2/13).

“We respect the aspirations of all conventional driver friends in Bali who have held hearings with the Governor of Bali,” he continued.

Michael said that besides being an alternative transportation mode, the existence of Gojek also has a social impact on its driving partners in Bali.

“One of the visions of our presence in Bali is to provide a social impact to the driver’s partners by creating new jobs, flexibility and growing more independent entrepreneurs,” explained Michael.

Therefore, Gojek hopes to establish good communication with the provincial government of Bali to find solutions to the aspirations proposed by conventional drivers in the city of Bali.

For information, last week the Governor of Bali Wayan Koster received a number of drivers who are members of Bali Transport Bersatu (BTB). They stated that they felt disadvantaged because the cost of online taxis was cheaper.

In addition, online taxi drivers are called not understanding Balinese culture, for example, differentiating rates between passengers of local and foreign tourists.

Responding to this, Koster said that he had prepared a solution which was to draft regulations related to conventional transportation operations including the use of “online applications” and planned to close online taxi operations after the 2019 Presidential Election which will be held in April.

In the Minister of Transportation Regulation (Permenhub) Number 118 of 2018 which regulates online taxis, many things are related to the authority of the Governor. One of them is in Article 18 which explains the permit to operate special rental transportation (online taxis), besides being given the Minister, the Governor can also be given the operational area in one province as a deconcentration task.