Jakarta – Another local startup, Golek Indonesia, is trying to find a fortune in the ride-sharing industry by creating an application called Golek.

Golek has a concept similar to Go-Jek, which not only offers online transport services, but also delivery of goods to food delivery.

The interface of the app also almost looks like Go-Jek, but Golek looks simpler with a blend of black, yellow, and gray. Each service offered also features typical Golek icons.

In its official website, Golek explains some of the services they offer. Some of them are Golek Ojek which is a two-wheel transportation service.

Then Golek Car is a four wheel drive vehicle service, Golek Courier is delivery service, Golek Food for food delivery, and Golek Mart in the form of shopping service that can be delivered to the user’s home.

Then there is the Golek Rental which is a rental service of goods and vehicles. Golek claims to provide a variety of goods and vehicles that can be rented at affordable costs.

“Golek is one of the nation’s creative works created to help meet customer needs with the owner of goods / services around the customer,” the statement written on the official page.

In addition Golek was created to help provide employment. To support operations, this service partners with motorcycle riders and local cars / taxis.

But unfortunately, not mentioned how many partners who have joined with Golek. Until now Tekno Liputan6.com keep trying to contact the Golek to get more detailed information.

Golek is currently only available for Android smartphones and can be downloaded for free at the Google Play Store app store.

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Source  Liputan6.com