TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – A number of online transportation drivers ranging from online taxis to online motorcycle taxis recognize difficulties after cellphone GPS is banned by the police. Even the police will conduct raids this week continuously.

According to a number of drivers, GPS devices helped them find the address when picking up and delivering passengers. “I don’t know all directions,” said the driver of the Grab Bike, Herry was quoted as saying on Monday, February 4 2019 edition of Koran Tempo. Besides helping to find a position, the GPS can deliver to the destination with the fastest route.

Another driver, Augustine said the cellphone GPS application does not interfere with the concentration of the reason the application has been embedded with voice navigation equivalent to a GPS device. “Since a certain distance has been told the direction. So do not need to see HP continues,” said the driver of the Grab Car.

At present, Augustine is still installing a phone holder on the windshield which is usually used to put the cellphone as a GPS. He said precisely what is dangerous for the driver is when receiving a call or reading a message. “When entering the order, it is more disturbing to concentrate when driving,” he said.

If GPS is truly prohibited, Augustine has no other choice. He can only use GPS more carefully. “You have to stop first if you want to check GPS,” he said.