There are many advantages that you will get if you become a user of Fras Coin. One of the advantages is that all cars in Frasindo have been equipped with GPS navigation system. The use of GPS (Global Positioning System) has now become a common thing for many people. In addition to the device has been found in the market, now mobile phones or smartphones have been equipped with GPS. Its application has been so widespread. Initially, GPS was an American military aid, but now it has been used in many elite taxis in Jakarta. But it seems there are still people who do not understand with this one technology. Let us get closer to the GPS.

GPS is a satellite-based navigation system that is able to provide accurate information about the position of one’s coordinates in any part of the world. Before anyone on GPS technology, the coordinate information of a location can only be determined from longitude latitude on the map (each map is always equipped with transverse and longitudinal lines). On the contrary, based on the latitude and longitude coordinate information, you determine the location of a place on the map. But with the GPS, the exact coordinates can be known quickly, precisely and accurately. Knowing the right coordinates for some people is important, such as surveyors, miners, mapping experts to anglers. Even with the increasingly sophisticated technology, GPS is now equipped with digital maps so that its function becomes more useful to assist navigation on the highway.

The car GPS navigation enabled to determine direction, such as route guide to provide visual information into the monitor screen. This unit can also assist with the help of the sound toward the location of the destination. Like turning right or left we can listen with the voice on this unit as well as the street name of every maneuver that comes. So you can be sure where you are on the road or the right location. The benefits gained with GPS navigation include:

  1. get accurate information about the coordinate position
  2. can know the direction like wearing a compass
  3. can know the speed of the moment like a speedometer
  4. can know the distance that has been taken (odometer)
  5. if the GPS receiver has been equipped with a digital map, we can know the name of the road being skipped, the nearest alternative route, the point-of-interest location and other information
  6. GPS capable of storing travel records so that data can be processed to know the travel profile (speed, mileage and altitude of the location)