Jakarta – Get ready: Grab, Southeast Asia’s leading technology company, working with Tinder, a world-leading social app for new relationships, will give you the opportunity to share your travel with your favorite influencers.

Enter the promo code “GRABIDTINDER” and message GrabShare service on April 11-15, 2017 in the Grab application and you will have the opportunity to get an exciting surprise sharing a trip with one of 10 Tinder influencers in Indonesia such as Devina Aureel, Erica Putri, Rikas Harsa , Jonathan End, and many more.

You just need to monitor the information on Grab’s social media platform to find out the proflists of these influencers, and if you’re lucky, you have the opportunity to share a trip with them!

Here are the mechanisms applicable during the program period, two of the 10 Tinder influencers incorporated in the “Share Your Ride & Meet Your Match” activation will travel with GrabShare and each pick up six selected passengers at 09:00 – 17:00 WIB every day In the Grand Indonesia shopping center. You can use this opportunity to chat and get to know your favorite influencers during the journey to your destination. Not only that, you also have the opportunity to win attractive prizes in the form of shopping vouchers worth Rp500.000 by participating in the exciting game during the trip.

The trip will be documented, where the most exciting and exciting moments will be immortalized into the video and uploaded on Grab’s Facebook account starting April 24, 2017.

Build new relationships during the trip

Tinder’s first collaboration in Southeast Asia reflects Grab’s travel service and its strong reputation for delivering safe travels so that everyone can establish new relationships online and offline in the same city.

“Grab is a brand that provides more than just travel and creates a memorable experience for our passengers,” said Cheryl Goh, Vice President Marketing Grab.

“Tinder is a platform to forge new relationships,” said David Wyler, VP of Global Partnerships Tinder. “Our simple user interface allows people to forge new relationships anywhere. We want to bring our users the opportunity to connect with some of their favorite social media influencers, but keep arriving at their destination on time. For that, Grab is the right partner to make this happen. “

Introduce the Top 10 Tinder Influencers

Devina Aureel is an influencer and indovidgram with a fun character. He often posted short videos that caught the attention of the public. Devina also has a personal Youtube account depicting her daily lifestyle.

Erica Putri is an Indonesian actress and model. He is one of the players in the TV series titled Tukang Bebur Naik Haji and Woman on the Road which aired on RCTI. He is increasingly known for his role in soap opera Jodohku and People Kampung Duku. In addition, he also became a model in advertising an oil product.

Nina Kozok was the first Indonesian model to have a chance to become Victoria’s Secret model. Initially, Nina worked as an employee at Apple, she was later supported by her family and co-workers to switch professions to the model world. Some beauty product ads involving him include Pond’s and Citra. He also became a model of the video clip D’Masiv and Noah.

Merdi Octavia is an Indonesian actress and model. She started her career as a cover girl from Girl magazine in 2010 and modeled in Sunsilk Hair 2010. Her career is also supported by her involvement in several FTV and soap operas, such as Kabayan and Kick Heaven.

Almintari Fira is a beauty vlogger and makeup artist. He always uploads his inspirational beauty content in his Instagram and Youtube personal account which has been followed by 42,176 subscriber. Video content on his Youtube account revolves around beauty tips, tutorial makeup, beauty product reviews, and his daily lifestyle.

Rikas Harsa is a traveler and host. He has been publicly known since winning L-Men of the year 2010. He has also played in several TV series and is currently a host in My Trip My Adventure program that aired on TransTV.

Jonathan End is an architect, as well as a lifestyle & travel blogger. He also has a great interest in the digital world, including social media. He always shares useful and inspiring lifestyle content, such as music festivals and scenery while traveling on his personal Instagram account to steal his followers’ attention.

Reza Ferdian Sadha is a Youtuber and comedian. He is one of the cast in LastDay production, a Youtube channel in Indonesia that was founded in 2014


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