JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM – Managing Director of Grab Indonesia Ridzki Kramadibrata asked the government time for adjustment with regard to new Transportation Minister Regulation No. 26 of 2017 which has just been in effect.

“At this time we are following, obeying what is in the rule, it is just because it has just been announced, we need time to adjust so that all goes well, our estimation two months [we] can meet this,” he explained in Grab Office, Kuningan, Jakarta, (7/6/2017).

Although it takes time for adjustment, Ridzki admitted that the rule set on July 1, 2017 has started to be implemented in stages now. But to be applied as a whole it takes time.

“Okay so why [it] takes two months, if seeing at the statement two months ago why concern of this, because in our opinion concern of supply and demand, with new corridor, of course we have to adjust supply and demand, if in economics there is a limiting factor,” he said.

In addition, Ridzki said adjustments are made because it must be seen what kind of impact in terms of customers and how it impacts the drivers.

“So from the customer side how the impact is, then from the driver, how the impact is on revenue, because we believe we can optimize the driver’s revenue through our system, it takes time to learn from the customer side, it cannot just turn the hand,” he said. (*)