BEKASI – The murder case of an online taxi driver at Jatiwaringin Toll, Pondok Gede, Bekasi City, West Java, Wednesday (16/11) was triggered by a dispute with passengers who refused to pay the fare.

“The victim named Sama Saswata was persecuted by the perpetrator along with three colleagues at the Place of Genesis Case (TKP),” said Kapolrestro Bekasi Kota, Kombes Police Umar Surya Fana, in Bekasi, Friday.

Umar said the incident took place around 01.00 am. At that time the actor initials BR ordered a taxi online Grab Car from Jalan Aziman III, Bogor, heading to the shopping center Tip Top Pondok Gede, Kota Bekasi.

“The perpetrator ordered Grab Car to use his friend’s cell phone called RAH, and soon came the car numbered with police B 1162 UIG,” he said.

After both arrived at the destination at 02.00 pm, said Umar, suspect BR down but did not want to pay the agreed fee. “There was a tug of mouth, and the victim got out of his vehicle and forced the perpetrator to pay the fare,” he said.

BR still refused to pay the fare to make emotional casualties and pulled up his collar. ” The angry perpetrator directly hit the victim’s face repeatedly. At that time the offender has met with three colleagues at the scene, “he said.

The three fellow actors BR HE, JCS and IK also gang up victims by hitting a number of body parts of the victim. HE actor then came and immediately stabbed the victim using a screwdriver in the victim’s chest. “At the moment all three are still fugitives,” he said.

After overthrowing the victim, the perpetrator BR then stripped the victim and put it into the middle seat of the victim’s white car. It is said Umar, the arrest of BR is done in coordination with central communication Grab Car to look for the last buyer vehicle victim.

“We managed to get the cell phone number of the perpetrators of BR that were recorded on the trail of vehicle bookings,” said Rawabugel, Bekasi Barat, Bekasi City, Friday (18/11).