– Grab denied that his employees were reported to the police because it gave a bad assessment to other operators due to business competition. NR is politicized by NU who is an online taxi driver who feels NR deliberately gave a one-star rating on him.

Grab Indonesia’s Head of Public Affairs, Tri Sukma Anreianno, said that his office had received information that one employee was alleged to have deliberately given a bad rating to online taxi drivers. So that it was reported to the police on December 14, 2018.

“The results of a thorough investigation together with the North Jakarta Police and the Metro Jaya Regional Police stated that our employees were not proven to have carried out the alleged actions and have been acquitted,” he said in a written statement on Monday (17/12).

He asserted, Grab always upholds integrity in carrying out work. Grab also always prioritizes healthy competition based on ethics and morals.

“Presenting safe and comfortable transportation services is our main mission, and what we hope for is also held by all our employees,” concluded Sonnya.

Previously, NU suspected NR had deliberately given a bad assessment to online taxi drivers with business competition motives. Because, from the hands of NR found the identification of other online taxi companies.

NU victims said that they often get orders from perpetrators known as NR. “He has often and his name has been spread in our group if he often gives bad ratings, so many friends are suspended,” he explained when contacted on Friday (12/14).

NR was arrested by NU while ordering Gocar. At that time, he accidentally received an order from NR to arrest him.

“After I received the order, we immediately took it to the police station with friends,” he said.

Therefore, he and his fellow Gocar drivers immediately reported to the North Jakarta Police Station. However, North Jakarta police delegated the handling of the case to the Metro Jaya Regional Police.

When confirmed, the Head of the Metro Jaya Police Public Relations Commissioner Argo Yuwono confirmed the report. Meanwhile, the motives are still under investigation. “We still follow the report as well as the motives,” he said.