Grab’s online transport company continues to improve its business strength by acquiring new funding. Today, Monday (24/7), Grab announced it was getting fresh funding from China’s online transportation giant Didi Chuxing and Softbank, a large Japanese technology company. The two companies invested US $ 2 billion (Gr. 26.6 trillion) for Grab, which is projected that the funding will increase to 500 million US dollars (Rp 6.6 trillion). Total funding for Grab will be $ 2.5 billion (USD 33.2 trillion) from both old and new investors. This amount is claimed as the largest single funding amount in Southeast Asian history. “We are delighted to be able to strengthen our strategic partnership with Didi and SoftBank.

We are motivated by the optimism of the future of Southeast Asia as well as the market for transportation and payment vehicle bookings, which are also owned by the two visionary companies, and understand that Grab is ideally positioned to capitalize on the great opportunities in the market, “said CEO and founder of Grab , Anthony Tan.

This latest round of funding will support Grab’s efforts to strengthen its services in Southeast Asia. According to Grab, the company’s market share in the Southeast Asian region reached 95 percent in taxi reservations through third parties and 71 percent in the ordering of private vehicles Grab. The company also claims to be investing in GrabPay, a mobile payment service they are developing

Previously, Grab has run the “Grab 4 Indonesia” expansion program by opening a research and development center in Jakarta. In April, Grab officially acquired Kudo startup and decided to build their research center at Kudo office located in Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta. This Grab research center in Jakarta adds to the list of Grab research centers that have previously been present in Bangalore (India), Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), Seattle (United States), and Singapore. Grab poured $ 700 million or about Rp 9.3 trillion for the next four years in Indonesia as part of the “Grab 4 Indonesia” program.