Now, using online motorcycle taxi services (ojol) and online taxis (taxis) are more efficient in time planning. – Grab presents the Venues feature in its application to make it easier for drivers to pick up passengers who are in buildings or public places.

In an official statement from Grab on Tuesday (9/4/2019), the Venues feature will provide prospective passengers a visual guide in the form of photos and text that can be a reference to reach the closest pick-up point to them.

To use this feature, the user must first follow the steps below:

Step 1
Open the Grab application and select the desired pickup vehicle mode. Users will see the main page that shows the exact location where they were when ordering.

Locator [Grab].

Step 2
The user will see the closest pickup point suggested. Touch the map to move and change the desired pickup point (green dot). After that, confirm the pick-up point that the passenger wants.

Locator [Grab].

Step 3
When the user has got the vehicle, click the “bubble” that will appear, to get instructions on how to get to the pickup point.

Locator [Grab].

Step 4
Follow the visual instructions and instructions and the user will arrive at the pick-up point, according to what has been determined.

Locator  [Grab].

Even though this feature looks simple for Grab application users, it’s not so with those who work behind the scenes.

For information, the Grab team has spent 3,000 hours collecting 3,400 photos in more than 1,900 pick-up points.