Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia-Grab Indonesia adds services by presenting Greenline online taxis. In contrast to GrabCar, Greenline is distinctive with a yellow plate with a fleet equipped with Greenline branding on the car body.

Grab Indonesia’s Managing Director Neneng Goenadi said that it would not shift the regular GrabCar service with the Greenline taxi. This new service is complementary according to her.

“It’s only complementary to each other, because it won’t shift, to complete it. There is a correlation with odd even rule, so that’s how it is, “she said when met at Smesco, Jakarta, Thursday (11/07/2019).

Citing the official website of Grab, Greenline is a new transportation business solution from Grab, namely TAKSI transportation services (hybrid, via the Grab application or offline), to meet the need for superior transportation services.

Greenline offers access which can help you to arrange your desired travel time plan.

The way to order Greenline is by ordering via the Grab application, street hailing (waving on the street), through official bases in several malls, and online ordering via the Greenline Call Center.

Greenline bookings can also be made up to D-3 by telephone to the Greenline Call Center 021 – 80648717 or order directly through the Grab application.

For the applicable rates there are two, the rates listed on the taximeter or the rates listed on the application, which are determined based on distance traveled,